By Tanja Tanskanen

The Winner of Malmö Cleantech City Award – Company with the Power to Concretely Improve the Construction Industry

Strongcrete was awarded with the Malmö Cleantech City Award at the ceremony at Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo. This was the third time that this Award has been handed out in cooperation of Cleantech Scandinavia and Malmö Cleantech City.

The official motivation: “An elegant innovation based on years of practical experience. This solution has multiple environmental, economic and health benefits and it is modern and easy to apply. We think that this solution has great market potential, will be widely used in the construction industry and will concretely improve the industry.”

The selection has been made from participating companies in the Nordic Cleantech Open by a jury with representatives from the construction and real estate sector. The purpose is to put a spotlight on cleantech innovation to support the transformation of the sector in a resource efficient direction.

Read the full press release here.

By Tanja Tanskanen

The Winner of Nordic Cleantech Open is Out Now!

Cleantech Scandinavia’s Nordic Cleantech Open announced this week the Top 3 winners of Nordic Cleantech Open 2016/17 at the award dinner of Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo. And the winner is, for the first time, from Norway.

The winner of Nordic Cleantech Open 2017 is EnergyNest. EnergyNest has developed a new Thermal Energy Storage solution with game-changing economics for the renewable energy industry as well as for energy-intense industrial applications.

Second prize winner is SoilScout, with a ground-breaking technology providing critical insight into data from deep below the surface, wirelessly, near real-time, and maintenance free for up to 20 years, with the potential to reduce irrigation water and energy use by up to 50%.

Third prize is awarded to ifoodbag. ifoodbag offers an innovative, disruptive and recyclable packaging solution made from a paper composite material that locks in cold and protect refrigerated and frozen food.

Congratulations to EnergyNest, SoilScout and ifoodbag for impressing the investor and industry jury!

Read the full press release here.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Alexander Bigge Lidgren inducted to the Hall of Fame

Alexander Bigge Lidgren, Managing Director at Cleantech Invest, was inducted into the Cleantech Scandinavia Hall of Fame at an award ceremony at the Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo. Alexander Bigge Lidgren is Partner and CEO of Cleantech Invest, a cleantech investor and accelerator listed in Sweden and Finland. Previously, he was managing the cleantech portfolio at the Swedish Energy Agency. He has an entrepreneurial background having co-founded Cleantech Scandinavia and Nordic Cleantech Open where he was also the managing director.

The official motivation is: “For his relentless work to promote and accelerate Nordic cleantech, for his inspiring capacity to explain the relation between sustainability and financial opportunities and for leading the way in opening up the opportunity for individual investors to invest in Nordic cleantech companies.”

At the ceremony, Alexander Bigge Lidgren received a glass sculpture from the famous glass artist, Christian Svensson.

Read the press release here.

By nathalie

Today we reveal the Top 10 companies in the Nordic Cleantech Open!

Today we are proud to announce the Top 10 companies in this years Nordic Cleantech Open, it has as always been a very close race! We look forward to welcome all of the companies to the finals at the Cleantech Capital Day 3-4 of April in Oslo, make sure to secure your spot to meet them all (www.ccd.cleantechscandinavia.com).

Soil Scout


Swedish Algae Factory




Greater Than




Press Release can be found here!

By nathalie

Top 25 Report Released!

We’re proud to release this years Top 25 report with description on all of the Top 25 companies, articles with two of last years Top 3 companies, statistics from the competitions start and more. Read it here!

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