In the final step, to close the circle, we focus on accelerating cleantech companies. These companies already have a product and sales but haven’t yet managed to take the great leap on to the global market.


The final step to close the circle we focus on accelerating cleantech companies, these companies already have a product and sales but haven’t yet managed to take the great leap on to the global market. Together with international high level industries and hand picked partners we provide a platform for cleantech companies with hands-on training and direct access to markets to help them achieve sustained international growth.


The Nordic Cleantech Accelerator will accept the first 10 companies in May of 2015, which have been handpicked by us and the Industry Core Partners, which are Stora Enso, Evonik, MAHLE, IKEA Greentech, GE, Dow Chemicals and BASF.

These 10 companies will be in the accelerator for one year where they will be analyzed in detail and a global expansion plan will be developed. From here everything is customized to each company to ensure they get exactly what they need. Several training modules are offered within the accelerator, lead by international service providers. Deloitte will provide training within business models, customer finance models and the art of up scaling. Vinge will provide training within legal issues for global expansion and Autodesk within product management and design. Further there are traning moduels designated to important markets such as the Geman market, lead my German Trade and Invest and Munich Networks and the China market where a parallel accelerator is being set up by Cleantech Scandinavia. Training on the UK market is being finalized. Further relations have been built with exciting acceleration partners such as the MaRs-Accelerator in Toronto, Canada.

The fourth step in the accelerator is customer/market activates which includes showcasing and individually booked meetings. The fall of 2015 we will bring companies to Munich, London, Toronto, Boston and Shanghai, look for more details on the event page.

The cost to be accepted into the accelerator is 10.000 €/year.

All in all the goal is Success!