About Priva Lab for Innovation

Priva Lab for Innovation (Lin) develops innovative building technologies and software that lead the way to better, healthier buildings and smarter approaches to energy use. Lin is part of Priva Building Automation Group B.V., a building automation solutions developer and supplier established in 1959.

The company is headquartered in De Lier, the Netherlands, and has 450 employees worldwide.

Cleantech Activities

We would like to engage with people and organisations interested in innovative solutions using AI technology that optimises comfort conditions and the use of energy in buildings as well as enables energy flexibility in the green transition towards using more renewable energy. Through participating in events we look forward to learning more about the markets in the Nordic countries in addition to sharing our experience, knowledge and solutions for mutual benefits of all stakeholders.


ecoBuilding is an intelligent layer of cloud-based software that sits on top of your existing building management system. Using digital twin and AI technology, it predicts the energy needed to reach your desired climate conditions. To do that it takes data from a range of sources – weather forecast, thermal inertia and storage, building usage, sustainable energy – and it also takes flexible prices into account. This saves you money and energy and reduces CO2.


  • Local Building Automation specialists / installers
  • Facilities Management companies
  • Consultant engineers – mechanical, electrical & energy


Property owners – commercial, public, industrial & multi-tenant buildings

Building users


Anders Norén

Strategic Alliances Executive


+44 777 4980110 (mobile & WhatsApp)