by Tanja Tanskanen

On Wednesday we arrived at the Showcase in Lingang, to be meet by some 120 Chinese investor, industries and city officials eager to learn about Nordic technologies. The day started of with a ceremonious inauguration of the China Cleantech Accelerator, located in the same building as the event.  Further we got to listen to an interesting Cross Boarder Activities discussion led by Julien Mialaret from Idinvest Partners, who was joined on stage by Daniel Zhu from China Ecofund, Peter Corne from Dorsey & Whitney in Shanghai, Francoise Vuille from Softcar and Michael Hammons from Sustainable Growth Management. Much like the training in Deloitte this also led to the conclusion that to do business successfully in China, you need to take your time. Also a valuable lesson is to realize the cultural difference in cross boarder contract signing. The importance is interpreted differently, in Europe this means that the the project will be executed once the contract is signed whereas in China the contract signing rather means that you have agreed on the basics but not the details as they will be determined in the process after. The Chinese view of a contract is in a way more flexible which means that the role of the project manager is very important and the relationship to the customer needs to be solid in order for them to respect the contact.

Further we heard four of our accelerator companies pitch in front of the audience which generated a lot of questions and interesting meeting opportunities. We are very glad that Arc Aroma Pure, Wirepas, Oliotalo and Cityntel could join us for this event to show of their products/services. This it the first step of the journey to potentially enter the Chinese market.

The day was concluded with a networking dinner at the newly built Crown Plaza Hotel with all what Chinas cuisine has to offer. Tomorrow we’re off to Hangzhou for more meetings and networking.

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