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Cleantech Scandinavia is the renowned provider and promoter of Nordic Cleantech. Our exclusive platform of Nordic cleantech companies offers a unique opportunity for our well-established international network of investors, industrials, real estate companies, cities, service providers and the public sector. We are the trusted source of cleantech-related investment opportunities, business intelligence and investment statistics in the Nordics.

Today we have some 70 members, including venture funds, industrial ventures from leading multinational companies, real estate companies, cities, service providers and government organisations. We have members from all continents with one common interest- Nordic cleantech innovation.

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[heading title=”ZJ Innopark” subtitle=”About Us” delay=”300″ icon_style=”crcle”]

ZJ Innopark or Shanghai Zhangjiang Enterprise Incubator Management Ltd Co is wholly owned subsidiary to Zhangjiang Group. More information can be found here: http://www.zjpark.com/en/rules. It is a comprehensive incubator operating entity, mainly operated as a market-oriented company with light assets and solid management in the areas of ICT, creative culture, mobile internet, medical devices, cleantech and other industries. It has resources in service platforms and spaces in Zhangjiang High Tech Zone and Ling Gang New Region.

[heading title=”China Cleantech Accelerator” subtitle=”About Us” delay=”300″ icon_style=”crcle”]

The China Cleantech Accelerator will provide Nordic cleantech companies with a platform to expand out on the China market efficiently and with security. In order to be successful as an accelerator there is a great need to be present on the market and to be able to support Nordic cleantech companies with these challenges. The purpose is to provide Nordic cleantech companies with a platform and a “home away from home”, to facilitate growth in the China Cleantech market. The Nordic Cleantech Platform in China will provide access to free office space, subsidized apartments, part-funding of operations and access to expertize, additional networks and access to funding for Nordic cleantech companies.

[heading title=”Helsinki Business Hub” subtitle=”About Us” delay=”300″ icon_style=”crcle”]

Helsinki Business Hub, the regional development agency for the Finnish capital region, makes Helsinki the best place to accelerate your business. We enable foreign companies to establish their businesses and innovation driven companies to grow and develop in the Helsinki region. This we do by providing the right information and contacts and by designing growth opportunities for our customers, free of charge and based on full confidentiality.

Helsinki Business Hub receives its funding from public sources – from the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen as well as the Uusimaa Regional Council