By Tanja Tanskanen

Country Delegation Sweden at SMART CITY EXPO 2019: Solutions for citizens and climate neutral nation

Organised by Cleantech Scandinavia, Smart City Sweden and Vinnova, the Swedish delegation will showcase smart and sustainable solutions for 21 000+ expo visitors and learn what’s happening in leading international cities.

On 19-21 November over 100 Swedish cities and companies will come together at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for smart cities. The business opportunities and knowledge sharing are further strengthened by joining forces with other Nordic countries under the renowned Nordic Pavilion and its 450+ participants. The city change makers will gain insights into solutions for climate neutrality and citizen engagement. Companies will find opportunities to meet international clients, establish cooperation and find solutions for digitalization.



SWEDISH EXHIBITORS, Smart City Expo World Congress 2019






Dynamic 3-day program in the Nordic Pavilion

The aim of the Nordic pavilion is to strengthen our Nordic brand on technology and sustainability leadership and have a greater impact to global markets together. To ease up export to global markets, the Nordic pavilion organizes a tight 3-day program for cities, companies and other Nordic smart city delegates. The program includes a variety of presentations for solutions, matchmaking, fact-finding and networking events about smart city development and business opportunities in the Nordics. Cities also have a chance to present their challenges on the path towards smart city development in facilitated roundtable discussions to search for innovative solutions and peer experiences. The pavilion is also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the fellow Nordics and create cooperation on smart and sustainable cities.

The Swedish Government is committed in transforming the country into a carbon neutral nation by 2040. This ambitious goal makes Sweden a promising investment arena, innovation hub and market for smart and inclusive cities. Thus, the Swedish delegation is on a mission to find real solutions for low carbon and people-centered city transformation, and collaboratively promote our forerunning solutions, such as the electrification of vehicles, smart sensor technologies and citizen participation.

Nordic pavilion will be in pavilion 2, stand D 431, along with exhibition stands, meeting room, mingling space and joint Nordic program. The supporting program includes the Nordic-Dutch collaborative International Smart City Business Forum and a national dinner on Monday, 18 November.

Organizers: Cleantech Scandinavia, Vinnova, Smart City Sweden, Business Finland, CLEAN, Innovation Norway, Promote Iceland

Want to join us?

Registration for the Swedish delegation at the Smart City Expo before 1 October. Read more and sign up here.

Feel free to get in touch with Tanja Tanskanen for any questions.

Tanja Tanskanen
Project Manager
+358 40 7205 045

By Ibra

Nordic Cleantech Open 2018/2019 – Winner revealed!

Out of the 116 applicants that started this edition of Nordic Cleantech Open, the final Top10 companies pitched at the Finals in Stockholm, on May 21st, and the winners have now been decided! This year, the prizes stayed all in Sweden:

The winner of this edition of Nordic Cleantech Open is SurfCleaner (Sweden), with their unparalleled and proven solution to which is able to eliminate and separate a wide variety of pollutants from water surfaces.

The second place goes to Moving Floor (Sweden), who provide automatic cleaning for livestock through a system of self-cleaning floors, using modular endless belts and reducing water usage, air pollution, and antibiotic usage.

And the third place goes to Einride (Sweden), with their transportation as a service solution based on all-electric, autonomous vehicles, or ”T-pods”. Using real-time traffic data, the T-pod adjusts its route to avoid congestions, optimizing battery use and delivery time.

Congratulations to all three companies for managing to impress the audience with their pitches! And thank you to all the Top10 companies for their hard work and dedication throughout the whole process. Surely we will be hearing more from you in the near future!

For the full press release, please visit here.

By Ibra

Nordic Cleantech Open Top25 – 2018/2019 Edition

The Top25 companies of Nordic Cleantech Open for 2019 are here! The level on this edition has been extremely high, and the competition incredibly tight, but our jury has finished selecting the best and most innovative cleantech innovations for the year.

For the full press release and the Top25 list, here.

On this edition we had 116 applicants – more than ever before in the history of the competition, showing their cutting-edge technologies and ideas to the international jury of 40+ representatives from venture capital firms and multinational companies. Agriculture, new materials, green mobility, waste solutions… the solutions never cease to amaze us, and it only shows that Nordic and Baltic innovation is stronger than ever.

Next, the companies will meet the jury and pitch their ideas at Trolleholm, Southern Sweden, 16-17 March. The Top10 cases will continue to the Finals, which will take place in Stockholm, on May 21st.

Special thanks to the jury for their hard work, and to all the companies that put their time and energy in sending their application, especially those that could not reach Top25 this time. There are a lot of brilliant ideas out there, and certainly, we will be hearing about many of you again very soon.

To the Top25, congratulations! And we are looking forward to welcoming you at Trolleholm.

By Charlotte Jost

Cleantech Scandinavia and Greentown Labs Partner to Support Global Cleantech Innovation

Cleantech Scandinavia and Greentown Labs Partner to Support Global Cleantech Innovation

The need to rapidly deploy clean energy is more urgent than ever before and this partnership will help clean energy entrepreneurs get their products to market faster around the world.

December 2018

Cleantech Scandinavia, an internationally-recognized platform for cleantech business opportunities in the Nordics, and Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in the United States, have formed a partnership to strengthen ties between the Nordic and United States cleantech ecosystems.

The Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia engagement will encourage innovation and economic development between the regions. Through the partnership, both organizations will closely support entrepreneurial efforts to accelerate new market entry, provide access to customers, and encourage commercialization overseas. Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia will provide startups with local market knowledge and provide a two-way landing pad for entrepreneurs interested in expanding their networks. Each organization will provide startups with networks of investors, business experts, manufacturers, universities, and other relevant stakeholders.

Members of the Greentown Labs startup community have expressed excitement and interest in working with Cleantech Scandinavia to pursue new opportunities in the Nordic region. Stefan Boekamper of a gas leak imaging company, MultiSensor Scientific, noted that “MultiSensor sees very significant market potential in Scandinavia for its gas leak detection camera. The company is excited about Greentown’s partnership with Cleantech Scandinavia as it will provide the opportunity to serve as an initial landing pad, business location and help to establish a local network.”

Founder of Gridspan Energy, an electricity delivery systems company, Alec Macklis, elaborated upon the level of overseas accessibility and exposure this partnership will provide for his company: “Gridspan Energy’s MEST (Mobile Energy Storage Transmission) electricity delivery systems are a natural fit for the countless islands and fjords of Scandinavia. However, as a small upstart company without an established network in the region, pursuing potential project opportunities is difficult. Working with Cleantech Scandinavia would be a valuable catalyst for jumpstarting Gridspan Energy’s operations in Scandinavia and throughout Europe.”

Magnus Agerström, the Chairman of Cleantech Scandinavia says: “We are excited about the opportunities for international cleantech growth that we can create together with Greentown Labs. We see an increased interest from Nordic cleantech startups to expand their business in North America and the International Landing Pad Program of Greentown Labs as a great way to get started.”

The need to rapidly deploy clean energy is more urgent than ever before and this partnership will help clean energy entrepreneurs get their products to market faster around the world. For more information about the Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia partnership, please contact Magnus Agerström, Chairman of Cleantech Scandinavia (magnus@cleantechscandinavia.com), or Benny Kim, International Partnerships Fellow at Greentown Labs (bkim@greentownlabs.com).




By Charlotte Jost

Collaborating for smarter urban development

Collaborating for smarter urban development

A Nordic résumé of the Smart City World Expo 2018

Digitalisation and collaboration– those were the two main buzzwords of the Smart City World Expo 2018 in Barcelona – at least at the Nordic Pavilion. While Spain and Catalonia and Belgium and Flanders had separate exhibition booths at the world’s biggest congress on urban development, the Nordic countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland combined their strengths and impressed with a continuously well attended Nordic exhibition booth and an interesting three day accompanying program. Since the beginning of the year, Cleantech Scandinavia organised the Nordic Pavilion in collaboration with CLEAN, Innovation Norway, Business Finland and KPMG, which would not have been possible without the support of Nordic Innovation and for the Swedish part of Vinnova.

Around 400 smart city professionals from the Nordics came to Barcelona to connect with global actors, present Nordic cities, showcase local smart city solutions and spread the mindset of collaborating for smarter urban development. The opening talk of our program already pointed out that Nordic countries share a cultural heritage and are used to working together. This attitude of collaboration was present throughout the whole Nordic program, which consisted of stage presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, receptions, international delegation visits and a workshop on smart city challenges.


Our round-table workshop brought together 100 actors from cities, academia and the private sector who exchanged experiences and solutions on pre-defined challenges of selected Nordic cities. Next to the issues of waste treatment, integration of zero emission houses or open data treatment, the topics of citizen involvement and smart governance were high on the agenda. The challenge of establishing successful collaboration and active exchange between cities and its citizen was discussed as much as the simultaneous opportunity to achieve a truly smart urban development, focusing on social needs next to technical improvements, digitalisation and a greener urban landscape. We are happy that the Nordic Pavilion not only facilitated close interaction between Nordic smart city professionals, but also attracted interested guests from other parts of the world that followed the program and connected with our exhibitors.

The exhibitors of the Nordic Pavilion successfully represented Nordic cities and universities, urban development solutions and smarty city cooperation programs. We want to thank the whole Nordic delegation for three interesting, inspiring and successful days on the Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

By Charlotte Jost

Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

400 smart city professionals from the Nordics are going to the Barcelona Smart City Expo

The countdown starts: Only four days are left until the world’s biggest congress on urban development opens its gates in Barcelona. From November 13th to 15th, more than 20.000 visitors are expected to discover the newest smart city solutions, listen to inspiring talks and meet like-minded people from all over the world.

Combined strengths at the Nordic Pavilion

The Nordic Pavilion – a combined exhibition area of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway – will present the newest smart city solutions and offer an exciting program for exhibitors, partners and clients. After a successful pilot last year, the four countries once again combine their strengths to promote the Nordic brand on technology and sustainability leadership on the Smart City Expo together. Cleantech Scandinavia is one of the organizers of the Nordic Pavilion and brought together the Swedish delegation, while the other organizers CLEAN, Innovation Norway and Business Finland together with KPMG will bring along their country delegations.

Packed and interesting three-day program

In months of planning across borders, the Nordics set up a packed and exciting three- day program: Next to presentations, receptions and networking rounds, a roundtable session will bring together cities, institutions and companies to discuss possible solutions for specific city challenges. Last but not least, the Nordics will welcome international delegations that want to learn about and connect with the four Nordic countries.

We are looking forward to three exciting days at the Smart City Expo and hope to see you around at the Nordic Pavilion: Hall: P2, Level: 0, Street: E, Stand: 431.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Top 10 companies of Nordic Cleantech Open revealed!

Today we are proud to announce the game-changing Top 10 companies in this years Nordic Cleantech Open! We welcome all of the  companies to the Finals at Cleantech Capital Day 22-23 of May in Malmö, Sweden. If you want to meet these companies, sign up at   www.ccd.cleantechscandinavia.com.


Altum Technologies

APR Technologies

C-Green Technology


Heimdall Power



Phoenix BioPower


Press release can be found   here!

By Tanja Tanskanen

Applications are now open for the 7th round of Nordic Cleantech Open – a cleantech startup competition!

Ready to show your cleantech innovation to the world? You can start by showing your work to our expert jury members, who come from various backgrounds – international industrial companies, venture capital firms and cleantech/start-up supporting organizations. This takes a few minutes of your time, but the payback is great! Here’s what you can win:
– Participation in  the   Nordic Camp, an all-inclusive weekend together with investors, industrials and competition partners at a castle in the south of Sweden
– A Pitch at the  Nordic Cleantech Open Finals, which brings together 200 investors, industry and cleantech companies.
– Pitch opportunities at the  Nordic Cleantech Showcases,   in   Shanghai, Barcelona, Lyon, Berlin, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  and   Boston  for the most suitable early entrants.

– The early-bird applicants are reviewed by Cleantech Scandinavia and one early-bird applicant will get an opportunity to  enter one of the suitable networking events for free   so that you can get to the action and create business traction!
– A one year membership in the  Nordic Cleantech Accelerator Program  for the winning company (value of 5 000€)
– Networking opportunities  with our members of international investors and industry
– A description of your company and visibility in the widely distributed  Top 25 report
–  Pitch training

All applicants get:
–  Written feedback  from the expert jury to improve your case. Note! Write your application well and thoroughly – this way you get the best feedback.

Apply now  and take your chance to gain visibility, feedback and new connections!

By Tanja Tanskanen

Launching the Nordic Cleantech Accelerator 2017

We are now launching this year’s Nordic Cleantech Accelerator taking cleantech companies to the next level in  investments, global growth or strategic industrial partnerships. If you have either one of these in your goals, apply to the Nordic Cleantech Accelerator now in June!

Cleantech Scandinavia’s network has roots in the Nordics, branches e.g. in China, and flourishing investor and industry members in diverse areas, such as sustainable materials (Capricorn Venture Partners) and energy (E.ON). Real estate, construction and smart city solutions are also focus points of our network.

Check more information at http://nordiccleantechaccelerator.com/ or contact Magnus magnus@cleantechscandinavia.com +46 739 402 070 for more details.

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