By Laura Fostinone

And the Winners are…

The 9th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open had the TOP 10 companies, many of our members as panelists and an audience of 200 people to decide who would be nominated the TOP 3 winners of this edition.

And the audience has decided! These are the winners of the 9th Edition:
3rd position – Geyser Batteries
2nd position – WePower Network
1st position – Mycorena AB

Thank you all our member panelists, Laura Fostinone and Andreas Stubelius for hosting and Niclas Holmberg for jumping in to co-host and ring the Nasdaq bell for the winners. Exciting stuff!

BIG BIG CONGRATS to the winners!
See you next year!

By Laura Fostinone

The GreenTech Village is now officially in operation!

The kick-off event was a great success (working around Covid19 protocols) and the wave of enthusiasm during the event will carry over directly into action!

What our esteemed guests had to say:
Fredrik Ljunghill (M -Deputy Mayor, Lund): “I´m delighted to see the first and only cleantech community in the EU here in Lund. It´s the right thing to do to fight climate change through innovative solutions. We wish you all well!”
Anders Almgren (S-also Deputy Mayor, Lund): “The city of Lund has been a leading centre for innovation and businesses for many decades. Today I speak for the whole city (…) with this inauguration we will together be able to provide much better possibilities for these companies that can lead the charge into the future.”
Kerstin Jakobsson : “It’s so important to have the soft landing program. I´m really looking forward to the 100 companies that will be coming here.”
Erik Jagesten: “I´m sure that we are going to find interesting testbed projects together to help Medicon Village with our tough (environmental) goals.”
Peter Kisch (Lund City): “It is a very important piece in Lund´s innovation ecosystem. Now we have a home for cleantech companies”


By Laura Fostinone

Viable Cities: Cleantech Scandinavia joins Stockholm Environment Institute and Stockholm School of Economics to study city sustainability finance through bonds 

Cities are central to current sustainable development; although they cover a bare 3% of the world’s surface, they consume 75% of global natural resources and therefore are responsible, directly or indirectly, for the vast majority of the world’s waste and emissions. Cities and municipalities need are of utmost importance when dealing with environmental and social issues, and they have a fundamental role in all sustainable development strategies. However, some cities can find it difficult to finance the actions that need to be taken in this process. The project “Accelerating sustainable finance: sustainable bonds for sustainable cities”, within the Viable Cities program, united CTS, SEI and SSE-Misum in January to study the feasibility, adequacy and ultimately the potential impact metrics in the case of sustainability bonds in Swedish municipalities and regions. This project will be developed in three years, in which in addition to desktop research, actors in the field will be involved through workshops and interviews. So far, we count with the involvement of several municipalities, Regions, Lund University and public and private investors. 

Cleantech Scandinavia is one of the three partners of this project. Our main responsibility is to analyse the potential metrics in urban sustainability assessment and, by that, evaluate which ones are more relevant. This work has two clear goals: first of all, determine the adequacy of using certain metrics in the Swedish municipal context and, second, to cross analyse the existence of the current metrics in Swedish municipalities and regions’ sustainability strategies and assess their alignment with sustainability development. We are currently aiming to finalise the desktop research to move forward with the stakeholder involvement. We will keep you posted about the developments of this exciting project! 

By Laura Fostinone

The Top 25 most innovative start-ups of the Nordic Cleantech Open are announced!

For 9 years the Nordic Cleantech Open competition has served as an observation tower for the cleantech innovation trends coming to support the transition to a low carbon reality.

The 9th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open has broken a new record: it was 140 applications coming from all corners of the Nordics and the Baltics, and now the Top 25 most innovative, promising and ready-to-scale companies have been announced.

For the full press release and the Top25 list,   here.

By Laura Fostinone

Nordic and Dutch partnership formalised cementing cleantech business innovation & international cooperation


On 4 February 2020 InnovationQuarter and Cleantech Scandinavia signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to intensifying the collaboration between the Nordic and Dutch cleantech ecosystems in the coming years. The collaboration is focused on supporting Dutch and Nordic companies in entering and accelerating their activities in each other’s markets, either for international collaboration, trade or establishment.

Cleantech Scandinavia and InnovationQuarter, together with their respective partners, have regularly partnered up to boost collaboration between the Dutch and Nordic cleantech ecosystems over the past year. In 2019 the organisations co-organised the Sustainable Building and Energy Systems Mission to Boston, and were involved the Dutch-Nordic Business Event connected to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. During these events it became clear that a joint Dutch-Nordic presence helps businesses make more impact when entering a foreign market, but also that there is a lot of interest among entrepreneurs and clusters to increase innovation and business collaboration between Dutch and Nordic cleantech players.

To boost such collaboration, InnovationQuarter and Cleantech Scandinavia organised the Nordic Business Day on February 4 2020, where Dutch and Nordic entrepreneurs, clusters and governmental organisations exchanged market information and business experiences in the fields of smart & sustainable building, mobility and life sciences and health.  Moreover, they took this event as an opportunity to formalise and commit to a multiyear collaboration to connect the Nordic and Dutch cleantech ecosystems by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The goals of this MoU is to set up a multiyear collaboration (2020 – 2022) to connect the Nordic and Dutch cleantech ecosystems in order to

  1. Promote collaboration between The Nordic and Dutch cleantech ecosystems, as well as the various players within them.
  2. Support Dutch and Nordic companies in entering and accelerating their activities in each other’s markets, either for innovation, trade goals or establishment in respective markets.
  3. Investigate possible future collaboration to target other foreign markets.

Cleantech Scandinavia and InnovationQuarter intend to realise the above in various manners:

  1. Sharing of relevant market information;
  2. Support each other’s network in entering their respective markets. For example by providing introducing companies to potential partners (matchmaking), guiding small groups of entrepreneurs in their respective regions, providing soft-landing services, etc.;
  3. The organisation of various events in the Netherlands and the Nordics each year. These events will either involve bringing over a delegation to each other’s region, or be focussed on informing the ‘home market’ on the opportunities that exist in the other region.
  4. Supporting Dutch and Nordic entrepreneurs in jointly entering foreign markets.

What’s coming up in 2020?

As part of their collaboration Cleantech Scandinavia and InnovationQuarter have the intention to contribute to the  following events:

  1. Nordic Business Day, 4th of February. Topics: Sustainable Building, Sustainable Mobility and Life Sciences & Health.
  2. Dutch Sustainable Building Mission to Stockholm from 20 to 24 April (sign up before February 27, click here for more information and registration)
  3. InnovationQuarter visits Energy Capital Day in Lund 12 – 13 May.
  4. Dutch-Nordic Cleantech mission to Boston – to be held in Boston in the autumn of 2020
  5. Dutch/Nordic event at the Smart City expo in Barcelona in November 2020
  6. Participation of Nordic Cleantech delegation at Cleantech Summit in Rotterdam in November 2020

Interested in participating in any of the above events? Or curious to learn more about the collaboration between InnovationQuarter and Cleantech Scandinavia? Contact Anne de Vries from InnovationQuarter or Toby Hörnlein from Cleantech Scandinavia.

Anne de Vries/ Project Manager Internationalisation
+31 6 2254 6065 anne.devries@innovationquarter.nl

Toby Hörnlein /Project Manager & Business Relations
+46 708 56 13 14 / toby@cleantechscandinavia.com

By Ibra

Nordic Cleantech Open 2018/2019 – Winner revealed!

Out of the 116 applicants that started this edition of Nordic Cleantech Open, the final Top10 companies pitched at the Finals in Stockholm, on May 21st, and the winners have now been decided! This year, the prizes stayed all in Sweden:

The winner of this edition of Nordic Cleantech Open is SurfCleaner (Sweden), with their unparalleled and proven solution to which is able to eliminate and separate a wide variety of pollutants from water surfaces.

The second place goes to Moving Floor (Sweden), who provide automatic cleaning for livestock through a system of self-cleaning floors, using modular endless belts and reducing water usage, air pollution, and antibiotic usage.

And the third place goes to Einride (Sweden), with their transportation as a service solution based on all-electric, autonomous vehicles, or ”T-pods”. Using real-time traffic data, the T-pod adjusts its route to avoid congestions, optimizing battery use and delivery time.

Congratulations to all three companies for managing to impress the audience with their pitches! And thank you to all the Top10 companies for their hard work and dedication throughout the whole process. Surely we will be hearing more from you in the near future!

For the full press release, please visit here.

By Ibra

Nordic Cleantech Open Top25 – 2018/2019 Edition

The Top25 companies of Nordic Cleantech Open for 2019 are here! The level on this edition has been extremely high, and the competition incredibly tight, but our jury has finished selecting the best and most innovative cleantech innovations for the year.

For the full press release and the Top25 list, here.

On this edition we had 116 applicants – more than ever before in the history of the competition, showing their cutting-edge technologies and ideas to the international jury of 40+ representatives from venture capital firms and multinational companies. Agriculture, new materials, green mobility, waste solutions… the solutions never cease to amaze us, and it only shows that Nordic and Baltic innovation is stronger than ever.

Next, the companies will meet the jury and pitch their ideas at Trolleholm, Southern Sweden, 16-17 March. The Top10 cases will continue to the Finals, which will take place in Stockholm, on May 21st.

Special thanks to the jury for their hard work, and to all the companies that put their time and energy in sending their application, especially those that could not reach Top25 this time. There are a lot of brilliant ideas out there, and certainly, we will be hearing about many of you again very soon.

To the Top25, congratulations! And we are looking forward to welcoming you at Trolleholm.

And the Winners are…
The GreenTech Village is now officially in operation!