By Tanja Tanskanen

Denmark wins the Nordic Cleantech Open 2016

It is with great pleasure that Cleantech Scandinavia now announces the winner of this year’s Nordic Cleantech Open 2015/16. For the second consecutive year the first place went to Denmark, leaving second place represented by Sweden and finally we find another Danish company in third place.

The first-prize winners Fresh.Land digitize the food supply chain with an innovative B2B platform. With Fresh.Land, farmers and retailers can interact, receive better prices and the cost for searching and transaction is lowered. In this process only the middlemen loose out!

In second place we find TRINE were the combination of crowd investing with commodity solar PV components creates an innovative business model with massive potential. The company aims at providing the 1.3 billion people living in energy poverty with access to solar energy.

Coming in third is SBT Aqua, a company that produces a real-time bacteria sensor that significantly improves quality control of drinking water.

We say congratulations to all three companies and for more information see the press release here!

Swedish press release

By Tanja Tanskanen


It is with great satisfaction we now release this year’s edition of the Top 25 Report!

The report gives you a full coverage of the essence that is the Nordic Cleantech Open in addition to providing you with all the essential information on the chosen Top 25 companies.

By reading the report you also get the latest on relevant statistics in regards to for instance participation and we always make sure to present you with a section covering how previous batches have performed since taking part in the competition. You will be able to learn more about this year’s different windows and also get a closer look on the current jury members.

As we are now only one week away from our flagship event of the year, Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö on the 18th and 19th of May, the report will serve as a great indication on what’s to come during the Nordic Cleantech Open Final.

So make sure to read the report and we look forward to seeing you in Malmö!


By Tanja Tanskanen

The top 10 best Nordic cleantech startups 2016!

We are very happy to announce the top 10 list with the best startups in the cleantech sector in the Nordics. These companies have been carefully chosen as the ones with best potential for success by the very competent Nordic Cleantech Open Jury. Previous years top 25 companies have shown great track record and have included several of today brightest upcoming cleantech stars. This years top 10 will for sure be at least as successful as the predecessors. Read more in the press release in English or Swedish.

Meet them all at Cleantech Capital Day!

By Tanja Tanskanen

Cleantech Scandinavia Welcomes a New CEO – Therese Lindsley

“We have had a couple of hectic and exciting years where we have broadened our scope of services and we are off to a really good start. Now we want to take another leap and continue to increase the value of membership in Cleantech Scandinavia”, says Magnus Agerström, Co-founder and Chairman. “We have been working together with Therese Lindsley on a number of events and projects and we are proud to welcome her to the team”.

Therese Lindsley comes from Invest in Skåne where for the past four years she has been responsible for attracting foreign direct investment within the Cleantech and Services Industry sectors to Southern Sweden. Therese’s commercial background includes positions at Sony Mobile in Lund, Sweden, and Invest in Sweden Agency´s former office in London, UK. Therese graduated from UCL in London where she lived, studied and worked for 7 years.

It is a great honour to take up this position of CEO of Cleantech Scandinavia. The company as well as the team is forward thinking and the knowledge and expertise that has been built up within the company is inspirational! I have never stopped being amazed by Magnus infectious enthusiasm which has directly translated into great results and am very excited to take the company to the next level together with my new team. I am passionate about working in this sector, to try and make a difference for a better environment every day. I am very excited to continue my career with Cleantech Scandinavia.”

By Tanja Tanskanen

Veolia Calls for Innovation When it Comes to Sulphide Sensors!

Veolia has launched a new call for innovation about sulphide sensors and are looking for innovative, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions able to provide on-line measurement of sulfides in wastewater.

The idea is to have start-ups and SMEs participating in the challenge and join forces with Veolia Environnement, a world leader in environmental services, to:
> Test your technological solutions
> Raise your international profile
> Gain acces to Veolia’s markets through strategic patnerships

Submit your application before the 15th of February 2016, for more infomation check out this link!

For more information check out this link.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Veolia/IBM to present at the City Day in Copenhagen!

Veolia and IBM partnered in late 2014 to deliver new digital urban solutions for smarter cities. We are delighted to welcome them to the City Day in Copenhagen on the 20 of May where they will talk about this project and how it is developing.

Further there will be some 20 cleantech companies relevant to city development and city officials participating during the event to further the goal of having more cleantech innovations being implemented around cities in the Nordic, Europe and the rest of the world.

Check out the program and request an invitation to City Day.

To read more about Veolia and IBM partnership, click here.

By Tanja Tanskanen

E.ON new Cleantech Scandinavia Member!

We are delighted to welcome E.ON to the Cleantech Scandinavia member base. E.ON produces and delivers energy to the Nordic market in all forms to about 1 million customers. There are many exciting corporations ahead with E.ON so stay tuned to learn more.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Nordic Cleantech Open Beats the Record Again!

Once again we have managed to exceed the number of companies applying for the Nordic Cleantech Open, this year closing at 113 applications!

The increased number in applicants is a clear testament to the strength of the Nordic Cleantech start-up environment and the amazing flow of new innovative companies. The jury will as of now have a first hand dive into this stream to examine the cases further. By the beginning of next year they will have chosen the 25 most promising among them and we are looking forward to being able to present this rounds Top 25 on the 15th of February 2016. Stay tuned!

By Tanja Tanskanen

Ludvika City – the Newest addition to Cleantech Scandinavia City Group

With a base in Ludvika city, Sweden, and with partners such as ABB Power Grids, STRI-High Voltage Testing and Consulting, VB Energi and others, High Voltage Valley is the place to be if you are in Electric Power Engineering. As the cradle for High Voltage Power, HVV provides a great acceleration opportunity for cleantech companies and an interesting hunting ground for investors and developers.

By Tanja Tanskanen

Nordic Cleantech Growth Report 2015

Cleantech Scandinavia has since 2007 reported on investments into Nordic cleantech companies. We saw significant growth both in private investments and public funding up until 2010. After that investments, particularly made by VCs, have declined. Interestingly the number of investments has continued to go up, leaving a clear picture that it is the large VC investments that have left the stage.

We can also see a tendency that individual private investors are becoming more engaged, both in terms of business angels and family offices, but also in increased activity on alternative trading places, where more and more cleantech companies are established each year.

In an attempt to explain how the Nordic cleantech sector is actually developing we have written this first Nordic Cleantech Growth Report focusing on actual growth and profit/loss. Through this work we see a thriving sector and would not be surprised if the significant upturn that we saw in 2014 was the start of a new golden era for Nordic cleantech.

This report is exclusive for Cleantech Scandinavia members and can be found here. 

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