Climate Impact Assessments

We have expertise in assessing the climate impact of companies in various business areas, including  energy, transportation, waste and advanced materials. We use international standards and the latest, state-of-the-art assessment frameworks. Thus, we can help you to understand the potential climate impact of early-stage companies and the actual impact of mature companies. Climate impact assessments can be combined with emissions reduction strategies to find the next steps towards low carbon development.


New clean technology innovations and business models have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; yet, this potential is hardly recognized in the early stages of the solution development and sales. Therefore, we use emerging frameworks, such as the Mission Innovation Solutions Framework, to calculate the potential avoided emissions of innovations.

We can estimate the emissions reduction potential of new innovations and support the building of your climate impact story. The estimation can provide support for investors to evaluate climate-relevant dealflow and for startups to showcase their potential impact for investors and clients. We can also combine the analysis with benchmarking, comparing your solution to the most efficient emissions reduction solutions on the market.

On-the-market Companies

We offer climate impact calculations for companies with products and services on the market. We apply globally recognized standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

We can offer calculation models and support for assessing the climate impact of products and services. We can combine analysis with capacity building, so that your organization can learn about the basic principles, concepts, data sources and methods for calculating climate impact.

Emissions Reduction Strategies

In order to actively develop your climate impact, solutions and strategies for emissions reduction are needed. This can include creating science-based climate targets for the company or a showcase of solutions that can help you to achieve the goals.

Through our core work of scouting new clean technologies and business models, as well as maintaining a cleantech company database, we can help to map solutions and prepare a strategy for emissions reductions. Our strength is mapping the Nordic innovation landscape, so you get the latest benchmarks for clean technologies and support for preparation for a low carbon economy.


We support cities in identifying solutions and innovations for low carbon development. We can also assess the climate impact and funding models for these innovations. A shortlist of solutions, coupled with impact assessments, could help steer large infrastructure investments, and sustainable energy and material flows in the city.

Through contacts with a wide range of smart city stakeholders, we can help cities to screen technologies and business model innovations that contribute to the transition to a low carbon, resilient economy. We can also assist in the preparation of goals and specifications to align procurement with climate goals, as well as setting up financing strategies to implement the climate-aligned solutions.

We can also produce reports, facilitate roundtables and benchmark best practices, tailored to specific city challenges.