Identifying Innovations

Each year, we go through the Nordic and Baltic innovation ecosystems to find the newest companies developing and providing clean technology solutions. We do a comprehensive search for the best and most promising innovations from incubators, accelerators, science parks and universities, using our process called Nordic Cleantech Open. We can also provide customized sourcing; let us know what you need and we use both our own sourcing and reach out to our global network to find you solutions around the world.

About the Nordic Cleantech Open model

Nordic Cleantech Open is our way of identifying the new cleantech companies from the Nordic and Baltic regions, essentially going through the whole Northern innovation ecosystem every year. It is a start-up competition for entrepreneurs with clean technology and business model innovations.

The purpose is to highlight the clean technology innovation flow from the Nordics, raise global interest from investors and industrial companies and ultimately grow the cleantech sector. The process especially puts the start-ups in the spotlight, with the goal of supporting and accelerating their transition into the global market.

For Entrepreneurs:  We offer taking your startup to the next step by providing expert feedback from the jury members on your business case, providing training for pitching, showcasing you at our international events and creating visibility towards a global network of international investors and industries.

For Industry and Investors:  We offer industry companies, investors and other organizations a seat in the front row to this flow of new cleantech companies, gaining access to them and the opportunity to meet them.

For Service Providers:  We offer you the opportunity to gain visibility on a wide scale towards the Nordic cleantech scene, the opportunity to profile yourself and access the companies.

Submit a Startup

Do you have an innovation and a startup company?

Does your solution reduce environmental harm or bring environmental benefits?

Are you looking for investors and industrial contacts, feedback and visibility in front of the global cleantech network?

If yes, then Nordic Cleantech Open can bring great benefits for you. The process provides startups valuable expert feedback on the business case, gives a quality-stamp for the Top25 companies and gives the most promising startups speaking opportunities at high-level cleantech events – with funding organizations and industrial venture capital companies in the front row seat. Application is free of charge.

Stay tuned when the next application period for Nordic Cleantech Open starts!

Customized Sourcing

Save time and money, do your sourcing through us! We help industrial companies, organizations and cities, which need solutions for operations, as well as investors who wish to improve their dealflow. We pipe down what you need based on your specific requests; this could be anything from industrial battery storage solutions to finding the latest startups for your innovation initiatives or competitions.

We offer customized sourcing of cleantech companies primarily from the Nordic area. We can also offer sourcing beyond the Nordics through our global partner networks.

The customized sourcing is available in three different stages as follows:

Step One: Gross Selection
We source the market for a gross selection based on your request and provide you with a short description of all companies.

Step Two: Extended Information on the Selection
From the gross selection (step 1), you choose which companies you want to receive more in-depth information. We will have a dialogue to define, which further information is needed, and we provide you the deeper information package.

Step Three: Expert Evaluation & Meeting
From the in-depth descriptions of companies (step 2), we conduct a pre-due diligence of 5-6 pages on each of the companies you select. In this phase, we consult with our expert network to give their input and opinion, as well the opinion of potential customers. We then ask you to pick the companies you wish to meet presentations and discussion.

For further inquiries about customized sourcing, contact us at info@cleantechscandinavia.com.