Impact Venture Builder

We support the development of a few chosen cleantech solutions throughout the whole innovation journey: from ideation stage to market growth. We offer universities and actors in the innovation eco-system to become our partners and corporates and public entities to become founders to actively be part in picking the best ideas and engaging in their development.

About the Impact Venture Builder process

Innovation initiatives have developed and popped out everywhere over the last 10 years. Yet we need them to have more success and more impact. In order to improve the lives and well- being of people everywhere, in order to solve the magnitude of the climate change challenge, we need to focus our resources. In essence, more cooperation is needed that matches innovation skills, market development activities, customers, private and public end-user demands to develop relevant solutions. Therefore, together with the global energy utility Électricité de France and other founders and partners, we have initiated a new process, the Impact Venture Builder: This new end-to-end innovation process  is opened to various types of actors and covers the whole innovation journey, from ideation to market growth.

We join forces with our network of universities, innovation hubs, cities, industry actors and investors to optimize each step of the innovation journey and bring smart products and services to the market in a faster, more efficient and successful way. First we collect ideas, then experts (all founders, such as energy companies, real estate actors, cities, other industrial actors etc.) assess their value and pick the best ones, and finally we match the chosen ideas with talents to build diverse start-up teams that develop them further with our support.



Supporting actors

What has happened so far: We have collected and assessed early-stage cleantech ideas!

As part of our process we already collected ideas with an environmental impact. Through our calls to submit ideas launched in March and June we received about 50 different innovative early-stage business ideas. All incoming ideas have been assessed by the Founders of the Impact Venture Builder, who chose the most relevant and promising ones based on the potential impact on climate change, innovativeness and target market. The following 5 ideas made it to the Finals:

●  Idea 1: Solar for Schools: Affordable solar systems for schools in developing countries

●  Idea 2: The Hyve: AI-based optimization tool for microgrid systems

●  Idea 3: LV/MV DC microgrids: Modular DC microgrid systems

●  Idea 4: Electric Bike Conversion Kits: Wheel to transform any bike to an e-bike

●  Idea 5: Blue Activist: Multi-partner digital platform of sustainable offers and services

What's next: We now look for talents to challenge and develop the best cleantech ideas further!

In order to challenge, enrich and develop the chosen ideas further towards a prototype, work on a business plan and test/validate the new product or service we are now looking for talents to build strong and diverse start-up teams! We are looking for people with skills in the fields of business, energy, engineering, IT, design! We expect each talent to contribute to one idea only, part or/fulltime depending on personal situations (pre-existing job, position offered by the Impact Venture Builder, master thesis…) from December 2019 until (at least) May 2020.

CALL FOR TALENTS: Apply as a talent to the Impact Venture Builder!

1. Apply until October 20th 2019 

Fill out the form below and add your CV to apply as a talent to the Impact Venture Builder! We will answer before October 31st.

2. Match-making event: November 8th – 9th 2019, Lund, Sweden (SAVE THE DATES!) 

Selected Talents will be invited and are expected to join a first-of-a kind match-making event in Lund (Sweden) on the 8th and 9th of November. Prior to the event we will instruct the chosen candidates how to prepare for it. During these two days we will get to know each other, mix talents and ideas, challenge and enrich the ideas, work together, test team dynamics and prepare start- up teams. At the end of the two days, three start-up projects and teams will be selected to work on the idea development from December 2019 until (at least) May 2020. Please be aware that not all invited talents will be in the three selected teams.

3. Start-up/project duration: December 2019 – May 2020 

The three chosen start-up/ project teams will develop the idea further and create and iterate a prototype, for six months. Depending on the needs, we offer support, such as full or part-time salaries for the team members who need one, full or part- time office or lab space in Lund, Sweden, specialized expertise through mentorship by the Founders, tools and project expenses.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are always happy to get in contact with innovators and potential partners to the Impact Venture Builder.

Contact Charlotte Jost (Project Manager at Cleantech Scandinavia), charlotte@cleantechscandinavia.com, +46 70140 3850