We support the development of a few chosen cleantech solutions throughout the whole innovation journey: from ideation stage to market growth. We offer universities and actors in the innovation eco-system to become our partners and corporates and public entities to become members to actively be part in picking the best ideas and engaging in their development.

Innovation Generator

Innovation initiatives have developed and popped out everywhere over the last 10 years. Yet we need them to have more success and more impact. In order to improve the lives and well- being of people everywhere, in order to solve the magnitude of the climate change challenge, we need to focus our resources. In essence, more cooperation is needed that matches innovation skills, market development activities, customers, private and public end-user demands to develop relevant solutions.

Therefore, together with the global energy utility Électricité de France, we have initiated a new process, the Innovation Generator, which is a new end-to-end innovation process which is opened to various types of partners and covers the whole innovation journey, from ideation to market growth. We join forces with our network of universities, innovation hubs, cities, industry actors and investors to optimize each step of the innovation journey and bring smart products and services to the market in a faster, more efficient and successful way.

First we collect ideas, then experts (energy companies, real estate actors, cities, other industrial actors etc.) assess their value and pick the best ones, and finally we match the chosen ideas with talents to build newly created or refreshed and diverse start-up teams that develop them further with our support.

Call for ideas to create an Eco-Citizen Community

1st round: April 17th – May 15th 

“Today carbon taxation is about constraint and dissuasion. We need something positive, incentivizing. Why not try a reward system for those who act?”

Our first year’s topic will be “Eco-Citizen Community”. Ideas could be about engaging the general population, incentivizing people toward low-carbon and sustainable behaviours, and the technologies (hardware and software) that support a sustainable future.

The ideas we are looking for can either be completely new ones or old ones which could reach the markets faster if they had a fully functioning team and a proper support.

We are especially interested in ideas in one or more of the following fields:  

  • Mobility
  • Smart parking
  • Smart charging, V2Grid, sharing charging stations
  • Car-sharing, car-pooling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon-free energy generation
  • Circular economy/ recycling
  • Consumption behaviour
  • Waste
  • Water

Why should you submit your idea?

  • You actively engage in creating a more sustainable future (!)
  • You challenge and test your own creativity and innovative skills
  • You proof yourself and others that you work in a solution-oriented way
  • Your idea gets (finally) visible and has the chance to be put into practice

If your idea will be below the chosen ideas to be developed further:

  • Your ideas will be matched with other ideas and relevant talents to create a strong start-up team supported by the strong network of the Generator. The start-up team will be offered a full or part time office space in Lund, Sweden, to develop the idea further and create or iteratea prototype, for at least four months (starting in September 2019). If your idea is selected, you are welcome to be part of that team. 
  • If you decide to NOT be part of the teamworking on your idea you will win 1.000 €.

In parallel, independently of the quality or selection of your idea, you will also have the opportunity to apply as a talent who will be offered to match with other talents and other ideas. The call for talents to create strong start-up teams will start at the end of May.

What happens after submitting your idea?

All incoming ideas will be assessed by Members and Partners of Innovation Generator, who finally choose the most relevant and promising ones, starting with a first assessment on May 21st 2019 in Stockholm. Over the summer, further ideas are collected in a 2nd call for ideas and continuously assessed by the Generator Members and Partners.

At the first physical Match-Making-Day at the end of August, the best 7-10 ideas or clusters of ideas are finally brought together with a pool of talents (with a background of entrepreneurship/ business, design, engineering, …) to create new start-up/ innovative projectteams, which will each develop one idea further into prototyping for at least four months. The team members will differ in background as well as in age and nationality. It is foreseen that some persons might work full-time (students during an internship…), other half-time, other part-time depending on the kind of actor, project, andsituation.

Support will be provided to the selected teams to help them on all aspects of innovation to business.

The prototypes will then be presented to Innovation Generator Sponsors (early-stage investors, Corporates, public bodies…) at the second physical Match-Making-Day in February 2020. If a funding is secured, the start-up can continue its innovation journey to turn the prototype into a product and finally bring the product/ service to the market(s).

Support to these stages will also be brought by Innovation Generator together with its associated initiatives.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are always happy to get in contact with innovators, potential partners and members to the Innovation Generator.


Charlotte (Project Manager)


+46 770140 3850