Sourcing & Evaluation

We source the Nordic market through our extensive network reaching out to incubators, accelerators, science parks and universities. We offer corporates, investors and other actors the service to source cleantech innovation solutions and to present the solutions and the teams behind them. We also offer to support our customers with evaluation and expert opinion.

Nordic Cleantech Open

This is our startup competition, which we run every year. The purpose is to put a global spotlight on the increasing flow of new innovative cleantech companies coming out the gate from the Nordic innovation systems, to raise the interest from international investors and industrials, to help foster a new generation of cleantech teams, to attract new entrepreneurs to choose the cleantech sector and to accelerate Nordic cleantech companies into the global market.

This entails that we “vacuum” the Nordic market for new innovative cleantech companies each year and encourage them to apply for the competition for free.

For the Entrepreneurs:  What we offer is upgrading through training and feedback from the jury members on their business case, showcasing at our events and most importantly visibility towards our network of international investors and industries.

For the Industry and Investors:  We offer industry companies, investors and other organizations a front row seat to this flow of new cleantech companies, gaining access to them and the opportunity to meet them.

For Service Providers:  We offer you the opportunity to gain visibility on a wide scale towards the Nordic cleantech scene, as well as the opportunity to profile yourself and access the companies.

8th Edition of  Nordic Cleantech Open, 2018/19

The 8th edition of the competition has received more applications than ever before and our jury is currently evaluating all of them. Every year, the competition is following the established Nordic Cleantech Open cycle, which you find below:

The Nordic Cleantech Open Cycle

Nordic Cleantech Open Windows

Within the sourcing for the Nordic Cleantech Open we offer so called “windows” where organizations and industries can market their innovation initiatives and competitions towards the Nordic cleantech sector.

When we conduct our in-depth sourcing for the Nordic Cleantech Open, we also offer to extend our sourcing further to give your initiative/competition a market push to ensure that you get suitable cleantech companies to enter. In practice this means that we will help you find the best Nordic innovations to enter without having to do the work yourselves.

Customized Sourcing

Save time and money, do your sourcing through us! We pip down what you need on the basis of your specific requests.

We offer customized sourcing of cleantech companies primarily from the Nordic area. However, expansion beyond the Nordics is possible. The customized sourcing is available in three different stages as follows:

Step One: Gross Selection
We source the market for a gross selection on the basis of your request and provide you with a short description of all companies.

Step Two: Extended Information on a Selection
From the gross selection in step one, you choose which companies that you want more information about. We will provide you with more in-dept description of the companies you have selected.

Step Three: Expert Evaluation & Meeting
From the in-dept described companies in step two, we conduct a pre-due diligence of 5-6 pages on each of the companies you select. In this work we will consult with our expert network to give their input and opinion as well the opinion of potential customers ie the market. We then ask you to pick up to 5 companies from the basis of this and we will bring them to your HQ for presentations and meetings.

ADD ON: A specific in-depth competitive search to identify the competition on the market.