Testing & Validating

Testing and Validating is the natural step for us and our ambition is to build a Scandinavian testlab, where the cleantech innovations can be tested and validated.

Testing & Validating

Our strength is to bring the cleantech companies to the testlab  facilities. We build relations with exciting testlabs and initiate new ones in the areas, in which they are lacking.

This effort is important in order to gain information about the benefits of these technologies and for the cleantech companies to validate their product for the investors and the market. We want to show the benefits in real results to help to boost the sales of cleantech solutions.

EX. MINC Cleantech Testbed – Energy Efficiency In Buildings

We have built a testbed for validating energy efficiency in buildings together with MINC  in Malmö, Sweden. This offers the opportunity for cleantech companies to test their technology in an existing office building to measure their performance and to communicate these results to potential customers and important decision-makers in the city.

Already four companies are using the testbed and currently installing their products. Experts are brought in to install and overlook everything. We will keep you updated on the results, of course.