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Cleantech In Focus #6

In 2015 we featured 6 Cleantech in Focus episodes with current cleantech related tops. In the sixth film, Nils Bennemann from Greencoat Capital talks about the subject of growth, how to identify a growth stage company, what growth companies typically need to advance and the common roadblocks for companies of this size.

Cleantech In Focus #5

The fifth film of the series Cleantech in Focus features Josuè Sallent Ribes from Founder at Barkeno Advisors (representing Barcelona City). Josuè talks about the subject of what smart technologies can do for cities.

Cleantech Capital Day 2015

Check out the video from Cleantech Capital Day 2015 in Malmö.

Cleantech In Focus #4

The fourth film of the Cleantech in Focus series features Stefan Henningsson, Senior advisor for climate innovation, at WWF. Stefan talks about the key success factors when trying to reach China, the support that is needed for entrepreneurs in this context and the need to see an Nordic innovation center established over then next couple of years, which can be a hub for both Nordic and all other cleantech companies wanting to grow around the world.

Cleantech In Focus #3

Cleantech in Focus series continues with the third film featuring Julien Mialaret, Investment Director, Idinvest Partners. Julien talks about globalization in regards to cleantech/technology, start-ups and investors. Further, Julien provides recommendations for entering the Chinese market and bridging the Nordics/Europe and China, in both directions. He also shares some thoughts on cleantech and ICT, the success of VC investments in cleantech.

Cleantech In Focus #2

The second film continuing the series of Cleantech in Focus features Nicholas Parker, Managing Partner, Global Acceleration Partners. The subjects discussed are how cleantech is changing the world we live in, key strategies to reach emerging markets and tips for start-ups that target the Chinese market.

Cleantech In Focus #1

In the fall 2015 we featured 6 Cleantech in Focus episodes with current cleantech related tops. First we have Thomas Grigoleit, Director Energy, Environment & Resources at Germany Trade & Invest who talks about the German Energiewende. Recap from the Cleantech Capital Day 2015.

In this episode of the Green Exchange we’re looking at China and how the Nordic Countries can build long-lasting successes with this country that keep the cleantech world dreaming. We’ll hear from an exclusive pool of international cleantech experts who discuss the many challenges of doing business in this emerging market as well as the cultural factors that come into play. How can Nordic entrepreneurs engage the best aspects from both cultures to co-create a winning combination? Listen to find out.

Carl Geng – China Cleantech Accelerator
Daniel Zhu – China EcoFund
Magnus Agerstrom – Cleantech Scandinavia
Julien Mialaret – IdInvest Partners
Nick Parker – Global Acceleration Partners
Stefan Henningsson – WWF International