Investment Manager, EIT Innoenergy

Having spent a decade investing in early stage clean energy ventures I have managed 25+ mostly deep tech investments with outcomes spanning from zero to exit via IPO. And by doing so backing entrepreneurs building companies with a huge potential to decarbonize both the electric grid and major industries.

Mission. With the ultimate purpose of mobilizing the capital investments needed to accelerate and sustain decarbonization on a global scale - I strive to make it obvious that climate impact investments generate also outsized financial returns. The transition to net-zero will drive a strong demand for sustainable solutions and investment opportunities over the coming decades, making it an unprecedented opportunity for venturing and venture investments. Taking only the EU to net-zero in 2050 is estimated to cost 28 000 b€, and still today only half of the technologies we need to get there are commercialized.

Connecting the dots. My ability to reach conviction around investment opportunities and provide value-adding support to ventures is based on empathy for entrepreneurs and hands-on experience from many issues typically on top of the strategic agenda of deep tech ventures. • With a bias towards hardware and B2B businesses, I have looked at thousands of energy impact investment opportunities and backed 25+ ventures, taking on different trajectories with outcomes spanning from bankruptcy to IPO. • As an investment manager and board director, I have experience from identifying and managing critical success factors in venture management and go2market execution. • I learned a lot on the way with a co-founded B2B startup, which went south. • The start of my career was in product design and manufacturing, working for multinational companies mainly in the telecom and automotive industries; I know what it takes to develop new products and industrialize their supply.

Drive. Working for a meaningful purpose with what interests me the most makes it easy to go that extra mile and continuously develop from experiences shared with partners, entrepreneurs and co-investors.

Specialities. Venture & investment management, go2market, financial analysis and modeling, due-diligence, board of directors, R&D, HW product design, manufacturing, energy, consulting, construction, B2B