by Tanja Tanskanen

We are proud to welcome Wirepas, Oliotalo, RecondOil, ArcAromaPure and Cityntel to the Nordic Cleantech Accelerator.

The Nordic Cleantech Accelerator has just been kick-started with 5 of the most promising cleantech companies. Cleantech Scandinavia will work closely together with these companies with the clear goal of growing their businesses onto the global markets. The companies have just come home from our first international push in Toronto, Canada and Boston, USA. “We’re on a roll – It was great to see the match of our offering, other companies and investors. Many important doors have been opened to us on this tour and we are now taking the next important steps on our global expansion trajectory” explains Teppo Heimä, CEO at Wirepas.

The Accelerator provides the companies with access to key international markets through a wide well established network of industrial and international accelerator partners. Core industrial partners are Stora Enso, General Electric, IKEA, BASF, DOW, Evonik, Mahle and Saint Gobain etc. The network also comprises Cities, Real Estate and other end user groups. Together with Acceleration Partners in North America (MaRs Cleantech and Greentown Labs), Germany (Munich Network), China (China Cleantech Accelerator) the Accelerator reaches out to the big and fast growing markets.

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