Converging the Digital and Green Transitions

Cities must be better at working with green and digital transition in parallel! This session is led by Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and key municipalities working on twinning the green and digital transition. We will address challenges and best practices for digitalisation as a key enabler for cities' green transition. Concrete examples will be shared on different levels; Swedish municipalities’ experiences from working with digital solutions to tackle specific climate challenges on local level, as well as experiences from national and international levels (such as the establishment of dataspaces). Specific initiatives to strengthen national support functions will be discussed, in an interactive workshop that brings climate strategist and digital strategists together. The ambitions are to inspire all types of stakeholders to work towards the common goal of a twin transition, to build knowledge of the mutual capabilities required among both cities and commercial actors, and to identify future joint activities on European and national levels.