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Our expertise is Nordic clean technology innovations. We connect the innovators and the investors, partners and clients searching for smart & clean solutions from the Nordics.

About Cleantech Scandinavia

Cleantech Scandinavia is the renowned provider and promoter of Nordic Cleantech. Our exclusive platform of Nordic cleantech companies offers a unique opportunity for our well-established international network of investors, industrials, real estate companies, cities, service providers and the public sector. We are the trusted source of cleantech-related investment opportunities, business intelligence and investment statistics in the Nordics.

Today we have some 50 members, including venture funds, industrial ventures from leading multinational companies, energy companies, cities, service providers and government organizations. We have members from all continents with one common interest – Nordic cleantech innovation.

In addition to network activities, we also offer consultancy services on an individual assignment basis.

What is Cleantech?

The term ‘cleantech’ has developed through an extensive use and as it encompasses many different types of technologies, cleantech  can currently be defined in various ways and be broken down into many different technology sets.

Cleantech Scandinavia sticks to the definition and scope of cleantech as an investment category, consisting of products, services and processes designed to:

– Improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources
– Greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact, and
– Provide superior performance at a lower cost compared to existing solutions.

As it encompasses many different types of technologies, cleantech as an investment category has typically  been divided into 11 sectors, for which non-exclusive examples of technologies are provided here:

1.Energy Generation: wind, solar, hydro/marine, geothermal, biofuels
2.Energy Storage: advanced batteries, hybrid systems
3. Energy Infrastructure: management, transmission
4. Energy Efficiency: lighting, buildings, glass, fuel cells
5. Transportation and Logistics: vehicles, logistics, structures, fuels
6. Water and Wastewater: conservation, purification, treatment
7. Air and Environment: emissions monitoring and offset, trading
8. Advanced Materials: nano, bio, green chemicals
9. Manufacturing and Industrial: advanced packaging, smart production
10. Agriculture: natural pesticides, land management, aquaculture
11. Recycling and Waste: recycling, waste treatment and recovery

This classification, although not perfect, enables comparisons over time, between regions and countries, as well as facilitates understanding by investors of what is to be understood under the term ‘cleantech’ and its various sub-categories.

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