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Our expertise is Nordic and Baltic clean technology innovations. We connect the innovators and the investors, partners and clients searching for smart & clean solutions from the North.

Bridging the gap between Nordic and Baltic clean technologies and financing.

What is Cleantech?

Before putting your money and (life)work into clean, green and sustainable, it is essential to clarify what is sustainable. The task is not easy as the solutions called ‘sustainable’ can encompass many different kinds of products, services and business models, anything from energy storage materials to digitalization of agrifood value chain and waste picking robots with artificial intelligence.

The European Union has a Technical Expert Group working on the definition of environmentally sustainable economic activities to guide the financial community to mobilize capital for sustainable growth (read more here). While waiting for the official EU-wide taxonomy to be agreed upon, we present our current view of the scope of cleantech here. This definition aims to facilitate the understanding of investors and companies of what can be covered under the term cleantech and its various sub-categories of sustainable technologies and business models.

In simple terms, cleantech products and services contribute to one of the following objectives:

  • Reduces or eliminates environmental harm, for example by pollution prevention and control, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or unsustainable/inefficient use of natural resources
  • Brings environmental benefits, for example by protecting healthy ecosystems or improving the productive and sustainable use of natural resources

More specifically, cleantech investments can be divided into the following sub-categories and cross-sectoral activities, for which we provide examples:

  • Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and fishing: land management, soil health detection, precision farming machinery and equipment, manure management
  • Energy generation, storage and distribution: fuel cells, production of electricity from renewables, batteries, transmission and distribution of electricity, manufacture of biomass, biogas or biofuels, production and distribution of heating/cooling
  • Energy efficiency: lighting, energy efficiency in vehicles, buildings and industry
  • Manufacturing: manufacture of green chemicals, packaging and nanomaterials, monitoring and analysis of operational assets, application of artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Waste, material recovery and remediation: waste sensors and robots, collection and transport of waste, recycling technologies, direct air capture of carbon, carbon sequestration
  • Water and sewerage: water conservation, collection, treatment and supply, centralized and digital solutions for wastewater treatment systems
  • Transportation and storage: passenger, freight and public transport, infrastructure for low carbon mobility, real-time water transport analytics, optimisation of vessel sailing speed and port time/sailing time ratio
  • Construction and real estate activities: construction of new low carbon buildings, renovation of existing buildings, installation of renewables on-site


  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – cross-sectoral
  • Circular economy – cross-sectoral
  • Smart and sustainable cities – cross-sectoral

When we say cross-sectoral activities, we mean products and services that can benefit from the solutions developed in any of the other sectors or enable sustainable transition in them.

About Cleantech Scandinavia

Cleantech Scandinavia is the renowned provider and promoter of Nordic Cleantech. Our exclusive platform of Nordic cleantech companies offers a unique opportunity for our well-established international network of investors, industrials, real estate companies, cities, service providers and the public sector. We are the trusted source of cleantech-related investment opportunities, business intelligence and investment statistics in the Nordics.

Today we have some 50 members, including venture funds, industrial ventures from leading multinational companies, energy companies, cities, service providers and government organizations. We have members from all continents with one common interest – Nordic cleantech innovation.

In addition to network activities, we also offer consultancy services on an individual assignment basis.


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