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AkkuSer Oy – Sustainable battery recycling

We have developed a technology that makes it possible to recycle hazardous batteries in a truly environmental manner. Our recycling process enables the high recycling efficiency and safe treatment for the reactive battery waste. Our recycling plant is located in Nivala, Finland and it was introduced in May 2006. The plant is an answer to the battery and accumulator directive that became effective in Finland on 26 September 2008. The directive obligates producers to recycle their portable batteries regardless of their shape, size, composition or intended use.

Batteries are used as power supplies in all types of wireless products, such as electronic devices, power tools and various types of e-mobility. The power supplies of wireless products can be recharged and reused, but eventually they also reach the end of their life cycle and become waste.

Since the beginning of our operation we have recycled all the portable batteries collected in Finland. In addition we acquire battery waste from several European countries to be recycled at our plant. With our technology we recycle portable battery waste in a way that the valuable metals can be recycled for reuse.

Thanks to increasing quantities of battery waste delivered to us we have expanded our recycling facility and also developed our recycling processes. Changes in battery technologies have had their part in directing our technology development to respond the new requirements.

Our main focus is on the Li-ion batteries. The quantity of Li-ion batteries will increase considerably in the near future which increases the need for their recycling. The technology we have developed is an answer to this challenge in both Finnish and global markets.

Operational Policy

We are the first to have developed a technology which enables an environmentally safe method to recycle portable batteries. Our continuous pursuit for developing our technology enhances reuse of batteries significantly and makes recycling safe.

  • Positive impacts of our operation to environment are:
  • To reduce the environmental load by recycling batteries and WEEE
  • To improve environmental awareness of consumers
  • The biggest negative environmental impacts of our operation are emissions ensued by transportation and electrical energy which is needed in our process.
  • In co-operation with our suppliers and customers we are defining our product’s quality requirements. We are making reports regarding our material flows as our suppliers and clients are requesting.
  • We are interacting with our reference group to actively set environmental and quality claims for our partners and ourselves.
  • In our operation we take into notice the environment, which creates a basis to act preventively in relation to environment, if it is technically and economically reasonable.
  • We take into notice our workers work welfare and improve their know-how and encourage them to get involved into continuously improving our operation.
  • AkkuSer’s management and staff are committed to comply with operational policy, which is the
    basis of decision making and operation, and to reserve sufficient resources for it. This is the way to guarantee ongoing improvement of our operation.
  • Laws and regulations appointed by authorities are our minimum requirements.


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