Presenting Companies

Find below the companies that pitched at the Nordic Cleantech Open Finals and Cleantech Capital Day. Click on the “+” button to access their pitch presentations, contact details and to read more about what they do. Enjoy!


Modvion accelerates the transition to renewable energy and materials by building wind turbine towers made from laminated wood – nature’s own carbon fibre.


Dynelectro offers a unique method extending the life expectancy of solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) from two years up to ten years.


NitroCapt develops and sells production licenses for the novel production process SUNIFIX® for fossil-free fertilizers.


AkkuSer specializes in recycling hazardous batteries and accumulators in a totally environmental manner and co-operates with producer organizations by offering them recycling life cycle services.


Graphmatech AB is an Awards winning Swedish materials technology Company that develops and sells graphene-based solutions to enable the green transition.


SELF-DRIVING FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS - Our software makes self-driving vehicles of all types operate smoothly and safely in changing conditions.


Crossbreed provides an ecosystem of smart energy services. We call it the Crossbreed Energy OS.

Stockholm Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology is a Scandinavian company that exists to develop and design clean and sustainable water solutions. The technology integrates hardware and software and brings smartness to the system while offering an exceptionally high water recovery and low energy use. In other words – efficient, membrane-free, smart and sustainable water purification designed and engineered in Stockholm.


Mimbly is a Gothenburg-based company that creates sustainable laundry solutions. They design and develop innovations aiming to change unsustainable behaviours, with a focus on water and microplastics.


Empowering responsible companies to achieve Net Zero and accelerate Carbon Removal Technologies.


We are the small technology company that developed a world-class car-sharing scheme. Now we look forward to launching our groundbreaking solution with funds from Innovation Norway and private supporters.


Plastic is too valuable to be used as fish food Find or sell high quality left-over and recyclable plastic materials

Borealis Wind

Borealis Wind offers an innovative Ice Protection System for wind turbines. The system prevents shutdowns due to icing by heating the blades to remove ice buildup. Their technology is installed at wind farms across Canada.

Enerpoly AB

Enerpoly develops and manufactures zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary energy storage and support adoption of renewable energy. The patented technology, which uses globally-abundant zinc and manganese, is a safe, clean, and scalable solution. Enerpoly was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Stockholm, bringing the best of Swedish design and sustainability to the energy storage industry. Enerpoly has raised €5M in grants and equity and now launches Series A.


Laava Tech develops technology to decrease lighting energy consumption in indoor farming by up to 90%.


Polystyvert has developed a breakthrough technology for recycling polystyrene, using a dissolution process that works on all types of polystyrene.


Altered is an innovative company that provides simple solutions with great impact to make life more sustainable for all people. With our Scandinavian heritage, we create simple solutions to make things better. We believe in equality, simplicity and sympathy.


Rocsole is a leading cleantech company with smart process imaging and real-time data analytics for critical processes. With their AI/deep learning rendered prediction solutions, they support customers to reduce their operational costs, avoid unplanned shutdowns, and monitor product quality to increase revenues and have reliable process control.


The road to the perfect indoor climate. Dunderon offers property managers a digital subscription service that provides a comprehensive overview of and effectively controls the entire property portfolio's heat, hot water, ventilation and energy consumption. This allows you to easily and without investments take the step straight to a digitized real estate world with better finances and proactive management work.


Aqua Cleantech (ACT), offers a unique solution within a very small footprint to remove the polluting nutrients and odorous compounds from liquid slurry.


Food’s first mile is Farmforce's passion. Their SaaS solutions provide organizations with the confidence to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.


Avsalt is developing a desalination system with the aim to offer the world’s most efficient, cost-effective, and low-energy solution to a growing problem – the shortage of drinkable water.


Our high-performance power storage systems made from car batteries are technical pioneers. We maximize battery life and enable a particularly high safety standard through preventive, active as well as passive measures. With our both economical and sustainable energy storage solution, we can reduce your costs and offer you security in your power supply. Absolute independence from the grid also means detachment from the associated, constantly rising electricity costs.


Loopfront is a collaboration platform made to empower building owners and the construction industry – removing barriers for reuse. In Loopfront users can register materials and inventory in existing buildings or those planned for demolition. Loopfront is a circular guide making reuse easy and profitable.

Norsk Karbonlagring

Norsk Karbonlagring is a company that enables companies to finance carbon capture that zeroes out residual emissions in a simple way, with a quality and storage guarantee.


We have developed a unique robotic 3D printing system that can automatically produce reinforced concrete structures faster, cheaper and safer than traditional construction methods as well as more sustainably by up-cycling waste materials from different industrial processes.

Peafowl Plasmonics

Peafowl's completely transparent light harvesting cells bring new, beautiful, and sustainable energy solutions.


ClevAir makes buildings smarter. Smart enough to know when and when not to turn the ventilation on. Smart enough to make their climate adapt with the outdoor (weather) and indoor (occupancy) variables. Smart enough to save a whole lot of energy and not be a burden on the environment. Make your building a place where people thrive.


Transforming food waste into sustainable, circular biosurfactants for the first time on the global market.

Onego Bio

Onego Bio has developed a way to produce egg white without chickens. With its efficient technology, Onego Bio will cater to the needs of the food industry and consumers searching for animal-free solutions.

Enerpoly AB

Enerpoly develops and manufactures zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary energy storage and support adoption of renewable energy. The patented technology, which uses globally-abundant zinc and manganese, is a safe, clean, and scalable solution. Enerpoly was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Stockholm, bringing the best of Swedish design and sustainability to the energy storage industry. Enerpoly has raised €5M in grants and equity and now launches Series A.


Electric roads for a greener transportation. Automatic charging both parked and while driving.


Celcibus AB is a Swedish innovation company with strong expertise in materials for clean energy solutions. Our new, patented catalyst was developed to provide fuel cells with sustainable, high performance, noble-metal free power solutions for transport, household and industrial applications.


TwingTec is developing the next generation of wind energy technology: TwingPower. By using a tethered wing or Twing, stronger winds at higher altitudes can be harvested.

Kaffe Bueno

Kaffe Bueno is a Danish bioscience company using green chemistry and biotechnology to upcycle coffee's by-products into active and functional ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals, and functional foods.

Comptek Solutions

Comptek Solutions is transforming the global semiconductor industry with innovative surface engineering technologies that enable the manufacturing of more efficient, reliable, and affordable devices.

Climate Point

ClimatePoint is a digital platform and green acceleration company that helps businesses uncover, choose and acquire the most climate impactful solutions.


Bintel delivers a full vertical waste management solution providing customers with actionable data where hardware (level measuring sensors), connectivity, cloud-based integration platform, and web-based analytics are included.


Mitigrate enables banks and insurance companies to understand the impact of climate change and increase the resiliency of their portfolios.


Consumption data brings security - AI follows water usage and data and warns of deviations. The LeakLook service detects unexpectedly high water consumption, such as water leakage, and alerts you in good time. You get the information directly to your phone. It also locates small leaks, such as extra water consumption in the toilet system. You can also monitor the water data of the entire property in real time by logging in to LeakLook.


PowerUp provides clean and portable energy by delivering a hydrogen fuel cell backup generator solution, which can be used for various technologies - yachts, boats, recreational vehicles, and many more.

Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean rids the oceans of harmful algae and turns them into everyday goods. Their patented biorefining process makes it possible to extract valuable bio-based chemicals from harvested, invasive algae and ecologically farmed seaweed.


We rematerialise waste into reusable plastic or composite products. That’s the Wimao Recycling Process Technology in a nutshell. Wimao Recycling Process Technology uses a series of thermal and mechanical operations to turn mixed plastic waste into high-value, ecological plastic and composite products. The technology is protected internationally by three patent families.

Next Fuel

NextFuel transforms fast growing grass into a clean copy of fossil fuels in less than 30 minutes.


Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System™ helps locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and modern cloud-based monitoring and analytics.


On a mission to enable organic solar power everywhere. Epishine enables sustainable buildings by eliminating disposable batteries and maintenance.


We believe that there is no sustainability without traceability. That is why we are on a mission – to bring transparency to producers who really want to know what they sell, and for consumers who really care what they buy.


Aquaporin works to preserve the Earth’s most valuable resource – water – by combining advanced bioengineering, open innovation, and natural aquaporins – nature's own water purifiers – which they embed into water purification membranes.


Hyme develops thermal energy storage solutions based on the use of molten hydroxide salts as a storage medium.


Lumoflex enables efficient use of many other Smart City services. As luminaire on/off switching is done inside the luminaire then power cables of lighting network can be powered on all the time.


B’zeos uses brown seaweed, also known as brown kelp, to make a new flexible film packaging material that is home-compostable, marine degradable, bio-digestible, and non-chemically modified.


AirForestry is focused on creating healthier forests by thinning out trees from the sky with autonomous and electric aerial harvesting drones, without damaging the soil, roots, or nature.


Generating electricity from ocean waves. Waves4Power delivers green energy solutions by generating affordable electric power from ocean waves. This power is free of harmful CO2 emissions, thereby helping to create a better future for our planet. A wave power park consists of several power-generating WaveEL buoys linked together in an optimized pattern. The power park is connected to the energy-user on shore or offshore via a connection hub and sea cable.

UP Catalyst

UP Catalyst is an Estonian based startup, which produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials directly from CO2 or from waste biomass for a vast range of applications ranging from green advanced battery technologies to biomedicine. UP Catalyst’s mission is to become the first and leading European industrial scale manufacturer of sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite thus providing a strong alternative to environmentally harmful materials used today.


Cogo is an app that gathers shared electric scooters, cars, bikes, and mopeds from over 250 mobility operators in 700 cities worldwide.


Heatweed Technologies is Europe's leading developer and supplier of non-chemical weed control machines for professionals, using 100% hot water.

Nordic Batteries

Nordic Batteries enable the green shift by assembling and manufacturing battery packs and energy systems customized for maritime and demanding industrial applications.


The name Hymeth is the combination of the words hydrogen and methane specifying Hymeth’s core technology in the sustainable production of these gases. The common thread in Hymeth is sustainability and contributing to a world where the environment is given particular consideration.

Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries offers high-power heavy-duty energy storage solutions based on novel proprietary water-based electrolyte and unique engineering and manufacturing know-how.


Altris is a Swedish company that has discovered a new way to produce a sodium based cathode material, using only renewable materials. Their groundbreaking discovery enables a new generation of batteries that are not only environmentally friendly, but also cheaper to produce.

Hycamite TCD Technologies Oy

Hycamite produces clean hydrogen and solid carbon by splitting methane using proprietary zero-emission technology. It is based on the thermo-catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules. Our novel methane pyrolysis technology requires only 13% of the energy needed to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. As a cutting-edge carbon capture technology, Hycamite’s solution enables the creation of carbon sinks, providing clients with high value-added carbon fit for demanding applications.


Hystar is a high-tech company that specializes in advanced PEM electrolysers for large-scale green hydrogen production.

Moving Floor

CUTTING CARBON FOOTPRINT IN ANIMAL AGRICULTURE - automatic cleaning reduces emissions, water usage and antibiotics


Leafymade makes natural, sustainable and biodegradable tableware that are made of leaves and only leaves.


Teraloop is developing a kinetic energy storage system through an innovative fusion of electromagnetic technologies, each already proven in its existing application.


Elonroad offers a charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles.


Developing game-changing, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving aluminum processes based on multiple vertical inert anodes and cathodes producing aluminum and oxygen. 


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