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Efficient energy management, automated operations, and reduced costs

ClevAir is a smart system that manages your building’s energy consumption, automates its maintenance and operations, revitalizes its climate, and offers you all the insights you need to run it even better.

Plug n’ Play Software

ClevAir works with any and all buildings, at or under 25 years of age. It retrofits with your existing equipment, requires no replacements in your infrastructure, and can run right after installation.


Using a variety of sensors, ClevAir automatically and perpetually keeps optimizing your HVAC system to make it better at energy management. It notices even the subtlest changes in outdoor temperature, weather forecast and occupancy to tweak HVAC configurations. Take care of your to-do list in an indoor climate that adapts to your needs.

Intelligent Algorithms

ClevAir gathers all relevant data from sensors throughout your building, and develops energy efficient algorithms for your HVAC operations.


The ClevAir dashboard is a cloud-based application. You can monitor, analyze and control your building anytime, and from anywhere, using any internet-enabled device.


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