May 16th 14.00 CEST

Virtual Event




The Cleantech Dealflow Webseries is an online event that occurs every other month, short time (~1,5h), focused audience and just a handful of curated start-ups – scale-ups showcasing.

This is our 20th event and will be focused on “Long Duration Energy Storage”.

Participation is included in the regular membership of our members and interested people can register separately and each time by interest.



Long Duration Energy Storage technologies (LDES), like other forms of electricity storage, allow energy to be stored at times when energy supply exceeds demand and released at times when energy demand exceeds supply. They are widely deployable and scalable as they have few geographical requirements, are modular and do not depend on rare-earth-elements.

Long-duration energy storage is the linchpin technology that will let the economy run from intermittent renewable energy sources and backup power after grid disruptions.

In this Webseries we bring keynotes representing leading companies in the energy and utilities sector to share why they believe this is a strategic area for their future and to achieve climate targets. This session will also include the Executive Director of the LDES Council, who will share the landscape of the sector and moderate the panel discussion with the keynote speakers, to dive deeper on questions and answers based on their presentations.

After that there will be a showcase of Nordic companies working on solutions that are solely LDES or that can be complementary to a successful energy system with LDES.

Speakers & Panelists




14.00 – 15.00

Showcase Session


Welcoming Words

Laura Fostinone, Cleantech Scandinavia

14.00-14.30, Keynote Presentations

  1. Julia Souder, LDES Council
  2. Alberto Toril, Breakthrough Energy
  3. Ninon Lamarque, EDF
  4. Madeleine Gilborne, Alfa Laval
  5. Karl Anton Zach, Verbund

14.30 – 15.00, Panel discussion

Moderation by Julia Souder, CEO of LDES Council

Showcase Session


15.05 – 15.55

5 min pitches
5 min for Q&A

Company pitches


  • Lukas Titton, Project Manager for New Storage Technologies, VERBUND.
  • Ninon Lamarque, Investment Director – Venture Capital @EDF Pulse Ventures
  • Madeleine Gilborne, Head of Clean Technologies, Vice President Energy Division, ALFA LAVAL


Energy Nest, Norway,

Mine Storage, Sweden,

Polar Night Energy, Finland,

Kyoto Group, Norway,


Closing words

Laura Fostinone, Cleantech Scandinavia



This event had experts keynotes and showcased 5 innovative companies which are each bringing to the market a solution that will be key in transitioning to a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

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