February 2nd 14.00 CEST

Virtual Event




The Cleantech Dealflow Webseries is a montly online event, short time (~1,5h), focused audience and just a handful of curated start-ups – scale-ups showcasing.
This is our 4th event and will be focused on Materials for the Circular Economy.

Participation is included in the regular membership of our members and interested people can register separately and each time by interest.

Is financing available for circular economy solutions?


Yes! According to recent reports from the Ellen MacArthur foundation show that “the circular economy financing market is taking off” and assets managed through public equity funds with circular economy focus have increased from 0.3 Bn to 6 Bn (USD).
This is a great incentive for us to take a closer look into technologies that are part of the solution to climate change and other global challenges, while offering significant opportunities for new and better growth.
A very encouraging data is that annual GHG could fall by 9.3 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2050, if only five sectors were targeted (steel, aluminium, cement, plastic, and food). Hence in this event the showcase will focus a few of these sectors and gain knowledge on their current markets.
Source: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/our-work/activities/finance