September 14th 14.00 CEST

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The Cleantech Dealflow Webseries is a montly online event, short time (~1,5h), focused audience and just a handful of curated start-ups – scale-ups showcasing.
This 9th event will be focused on networking with and between members.

Participation is included in the regular membership of our members and this event is EXCLUSIVE for members.

from members to members


This members network is together because we are bonded by the common objective of addressing climate change with cleantech innovations and by recognizing that a community can create much more impact and growth than actors alone.

We have been showcasing start-ups and scale-ups in different verticals for 8 Webseries so far and Cleantech Scandinavia will now host an entire networking session for members to catch-up with each other and in many cases present themselves, since some have joined during the pandemic and have not had a chance to connect.

Cleantech Scandinavia will also take the chance to update you all regarding this autumn’s plans and address questions or requests you may have for the products and services moving forward.



14.00 – 14.30

Welcoming Words and Autumn activities

Laura Fostinone, Cleantech Scandinavia


New members presentations – Joined in 2020 and 2021

14.30 – 15.30

20 min session each

Breakout rooms (20 min sessions each)

Participants will be divided in different virtual rooms and will be able to mingle with each other.

Do you want to be the host of one of these breakout rooms? Reach out!


Closing words

Laura Fostinone, Cleantech Scandinavia



The Cleantech Dealflow Webseries is an monthly event to bring constant dealflow to our members, friends and partners. We select the participants one by one so that our audience and presenters are fully aligned with the same vision: to put together outstanding cleantech innovations and investment opportunities.

Do you share that vision with us? Then you sure should join the events!



Check your mailbox and your calendar. We have sent you the link and all info needed!



This event is for members only. But you are more than welcome to join us in the next ones! The cost to participate in each session is 99 EUR.

Please fill in the info below and we will be sending you the Virtual event details.

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If you have any question or anything went wrong while registering, contact us.

LAURA FOSTINONEVentures and Innovation Manager
+46 (0) 70 140 3857