We are the Corporate Venture Capital of the Energy Transition Division of Tecpetrol, part of Techint Group. We invest globally in early-stage to growth technology companies and support our investments with critical scale-up capabilities.

We look forward to leading decarbonization and enabling breakthroughs, while contributing to the generation of new business opportunities.

Enabling sustainable and disruptive solutions mainly in:

  • Hydrogen: Efficient production of low-carbon hydrogen (green and turquoise), sustainable and economically viable solutions for the production of ammonia and fertilizers.
  • Carbon management: Effective and competitive technologies to decarbonize existing industrial infrastructure via point-source capture. Massive and efficient utilization options of CO2 to produce sustainable fuels, chemicals and products. Nature-based solutions.
  • Clean and reliable power generation with alternative renewables like Geothermal 2.0 and SMRs. Efficient recovery of industrial waste heat to produce clean and affordable electricity.
  • Long Duration Energy Storage solutions of both thermal and electrical energy at scale.
  • Innovative solutions for sustainable extraction, production and processing of Lithium and other critical metals and minerals.