VP, General Manager, Boston Branch at Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

Eita Kitani is responsible for new business research, planning and development.
Mr. Kitani has been engaged in new business creation and development in Mitsubishi Corporation for over 20 years. His past experiences include involvement in the Corporate IT System Development Division, manager of Nanotech Partners, Ltd, a $50M private equity fund focused on nanotechnology, and manager of Corporate Strategy and Research Dept. where he worked on smart community projects. He also was seconded to Hitachi, Ltd. for an employee exchange program where he worked on Middle East marketing.
He returned to Mitsubishi Corporation in 2008, and was engaged in Smart City projects in Japan.
In 2011, he was transferred to Silicon Valley branch to investigate technology and business models which would have potential in mid to long term. Coverage varies from Smart infrastructures, Cleantech, Robotics, Bio Chemicals/Fuels, Next generation Automotive, Water technologies, Next generation Agriculture, New manufacturing technologies, Shale gas/oil related technologies, etc.
After 2 years being in New York Head Quarter to organize strategies for North America, he returned to Silicon Valley in 2016, and promoted a Open Innovation Initiative in the name of "M-Lab", inviting 10 external companies to accelerate collaborative business development with startups in the area.
With the success of expanding M-Lab in the Bay Area, he was assigned as the first GM of the newly established Boston Branch of the company, in order to expand the Open Innovation concept in an ecosystem with different advantages, continuing to grow the platform to create new business opportunities.
From the nature as being in the position to develop businesses from a corporate position of a Japanese general trading house, his knowledge covers a wide area of industry and related technologies, as well as know-how to match them to existing in house businesses.