Alf Björseth is the founder of Norwegian company REC, one of the world leaders in the solar industry. The company went from idea to a stock listing of 50 billion NOK in little over ten years providing the Nordic region with a clear-cut success story of cleantech growth along the way. Alf moved on to manage Scatec, a cleantech venture capital/incubator focusing on renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials that has new potential world leaders such as Norsun, who attracted the largest cleantech investment in the Nordics in 2009, OceanWind and Scatec Solar in its portfolio.

The official motivation is: “For showing that a Nordic cleantech company can become one of the world leaders in their field. The story of REC provides the Nordic cleantech sector with its biggest success story to date and inspires current cleantech entrepreneurs to believe in a high growth trajectory. By putting good money to even better work, Alf continues to provide a foundation for a whole range of success stories through venture funding and incubation in Scatec.”

Alf Björseth thereby joins Lassi Noponen, chairman and founder of WinWinD in the Hall of Fame.

The Scandinavian Cleantech Hall of Fame awards people that have inspired others in the Nordic cleantech industry, helping to accelerate Nordic cleantech development and growth. It is handed out by Cleantech Scandinavia at its events, it is not sponsored and has no other purpose than the above. A piece of raku art by a well known artist Dan Leonette, residing in Gotland, was handed to Alf Björseth during the Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo, Norway on June 3rd.

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