Cleantech Scandinavia Nordic Cleantech Open today announces the winners of Nordic Cleantech Open 2015/16 at the award dinner of Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö. Denmark wins the Nordic Cleantech Open for the second consecutive year, the second price goes to a Swedish company while Denmark also wins third prize.

First prize winner is Fresh.Land. The company digitize the food supply chain with an innovative B2B platform. With Fresh.Land, farmers and retailers can interact, all get better prices and the cost for searching and transaction is lowered. Only the middlemen lose out.
Second prize winner is TRINE. The combination of crowd investing with commodity solar PV components creates an innovative business model with massive potential. The company aims at providing the 1.3 billion people living in energy poverty with access to solar energy.


Third prize winner is SBT Aquatech. The company produce a real-time bacteria sensor that significantly improves quality control of drinking water. The sensor can detect bacteria and non-organic particles in real-time.

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Swedish press release here.