Supporting actors

The League of international Testbeds is aimed at integrating actors that are having difficulties with developing and upscaling innovation, both nationally and internationally. We see the SDGs are not being met in good pace and for startups there are too many delays on the path to having an impact on the market and in society.

Scaling up innovation and broadening innovation development processes goes hand in hand, international networks and collaboration is simply unavoidable to not get left behind in technological diffusion and adaption to the necessary technical and societal changes. Only innovations that are truly marketed internationally will have the required impacts – this starts already during their development phase.

At the same time, we can find many testbeds in both Sweden and the Netherlands that are, each on their own, very well suited for catering to experimenting with such sustainable solutions. However, they are neither interconnected nor strategically aligned, which leaves ample room for improvement, eventually securing the highest possible positive impact on the sustainable developments in our society. This particularly pertains to the lack of international/EU exchange of knowledge, shared space for innovation, and boosted acceleration of innovative products and services. In short, the League of International Testbeds provides collaboration and joint efforts on one hand and hitherto untapped, major resource in interconnecting testbeds globally.

Are you looking for a testbed or to pilot your innovation?