Today we announce the top 10 finalists in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition. these are the result of narrowing down 111 applicants to only 10! This has been done through a very thorough process, involving the most competent jury possible and including the jury meeting the best candidates. We are very happy about the top 10 and we are convinced that these are the best bets for future cleantech success cases you can possibly find. The top 10 will present their cases at the Nordic Cleantech Open finals at Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö 19/5, this will be the largest cleantech event in northern Europe this year. The winner will be chosen with the help of audience votes at the finals.

Here are the top 10; Nordic Cleantech Open finalists:

3eflow develops and sells an innovative tap water flow solution. The technology auto-fill the pipeline only when you open the tap. The tubes are thus empty 98-99% of the time. The solution delivers increased comfort, 30% savings in water usage and huge energy savings.

Bioextrax is focused on the development and commercialization of a unique bio-extraction platform technology. The technology platform can be used, among other things, for the efficient extraction of PHA plastics (bio-based plastics), protein hydrolysate from protein rich waste, and bio-oils from micro algae.

Bioptech’s mission is to prevent eutrophication, ensuring access to clean water, and to recycle phosphorus, thus securing food supply for a growing population. Bioptech’s filter bed technology can both treat and recycle phosphorous in a cost effective manner. The technology is flexible and modular allowing it to be used for different needs and environments. It is easy to operate and requires limited investment.

Cleanfields BioBox is an automatically driven installation, which removes or reduces organic pollution, especially hydrocarbons from large volumes of soil or sludge. It can be installed as a plug and play unit and can after completion of a cleaning service, be moved to a new location.

Free Energy Innovation
By taking the best from the solar industry crossing it with state of the art within the heat pump industry, Free Energy Innovation has developed HYSS Hybrid Solar System. The combination of the new generation of inverter controlled heat pumps and thermal solar panels, gives a SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance) in the range 6-8, which is 2 times higher than a traditional ground source heat pump.

Icesolution has developed a microwave-absorbing coating and intends to offer it as a retrofit de-icing for existing wind turbines. Over 10 000 large existing turbines lack de-icing functionality.

Nordic Power Convertors
Nordic Power Convertors technology cuts the size of a power converters to a fifth and the cost in half while increasing lifespan 2-5 times. The company’s first focus will be on better LED power converters, where the products will be on the market by the start of 2016.

Paxymer has a patented, novel, flame retardant system for polyolefin plastics. Completely free from toxic chemicals, resulting in improved usability, fire safety and environmental properties. A functional, green substitution to brominated flame retardants.

RecondOil offers a closed loop for industrial use of lube oil. By using the unique remanufacturing technology it is possible to extend the life of lube oil almost endlessly. This enables the same oil to be sold over and over again, in a fully circular economy use.

Wirepas Pino is all about uncompromised low power wireless networking for connecting things. Pino is a solution for multi-hop mesh network, boasting reliable and deterministic performance with scale up to millions of nodes without regression. With Pino, you can maximise your application efficiency and reliability and build a successful IoT service business.

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