Nordic Cleantech Open Water-saving Winner Revealed!
Press Release
Malmö, Sweden

Out of more than 100 applicants from the Nordic and Baltic countries, narrowed down to 10 most promising clean technologies, which presented at Nordic Cleantech Open Finals, 22nd of May, we now have the Top3 companies revealed. Voted by the Cleantech Capital Day participants as the company with best potential for growth:

The third prize goes to Enjay (Sweden), which recovers energy from the ventilation system of restaurants by condensation – you can get energy savings of about 250,000 kWh per restaurant!

The second prize winner is Heimdall Power (Norway), which provides power grid owners and utilities a neuron to neuron communication solution to get data and operate and optimize the grid safely – anywhere in the world.


And the Winner is Altered (Sweden) with their new nozzle that can use up to 98 % less water than a regular tap! They atomize the water so that it comes out of your tap as small droplets soft for hands, soft for environment.


Congratulations for all the three companies for impressing the investors, industrial companies and the audience of Cleantech Capital Day!

A special thank you also for moderator of the Finals, Andreas Stubelius from the Swedish Energy Agency, who made the finalists feel like rock stars!

About Nordic Cleantech Open

The Nordic Cleantech Open is a business competition aiming to identify, strengthen and showcase the new early-stage clean technology companies and business innovations in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Every year we receive about 100 applications, which are reviewed by the Jury based on three criteria innovation, market potential and team.  The jury consist of some 40 international investors and industrial actors. The companies are also screened by their ability to present their case on stage at two occasions.

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