CMO at Baseload Capital

“If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together,” says a well-known African proverb. No matter what goals we strive for, we will go further as a united force. I am passionate about building up and running companies that dare to do the right things to succeed. I strive to find which processes, routines, and KPI:s that are needed to create the best possible workplace. A place where both results and people grow and thrive. I believe in a methodology focused on building a company culture. A strong culture creates satisfied employees who in turn make customers satisfied. This ecosystem creates results. I believe this is the way to build sustainable companies for both individuals and businesses. Those are the companies of the future, and those are the companies I want to build. I have my own consulting firm focusing on transformational management within Sales and Marketing. I work with owners, CEOs, and board members on topics such as corporate culture, change management, and the sales and marketing process. I am also the co-founder and owner of the company Empowering Capabilities (EMCAP). We help companies with their digital transformation and work to integrate transformation, data, and implementation. Furthermore, I am the founder of the nonprofit organization From One to Another that works for girls’ right to education. Today we reach over 1000 girls and women in Kenya. This is my passion and I love to talk about this in my role as a lecture. I also lecture on topics such as “corporate bullshit”, “changeonomics” and sales and market integration. Finally, I moderate webinars, for instance, Baseload’s seminar about geothermic energy. I also manage the podcast “The Switch”. A podcast about how you and I, as well as our companies, can make the world a little better. For more information, you can find my website here: You can read more about my lectures here: I am an incorrigible optimist with a rebellious streak who never refuses the chance to do something better. I can do it myself, but I prefer to do it with others. Are you a leader, owner, CEO, or member of a board who is ready to scale and transform your business? Follow me on LinkedIn for insights and knowledge on corporate culture, profitability, and change. Add me as a contact and message me if you want more information.