Executive Chairman

9x founder but 6x failure, leaving me well-versed in what not to do after two decades as a startup founder and angel investor. Started out as an autodidact programmer, initially with BASIC on the Commodore 64 in the late 80's, then grew up and into a CTO role along with a degree in computer science and several years as a code monkey, solving first world problems that I could think up by building tech startups. Over the years I’ve transitioned from tech to strategy and business development, along with eight years in management consulting building up a boutique consulting firm specializing in digital innovation and transformation, before exiting to Bain & Company in early 2020. I’ve now doubled down on one of my portfolio companies building a fundamentally new type of nuclear reactor that can give nuclear energy a much needed renaissance: ——— I use my entrepreneurial drive and skills that comes from failures and successes, to expense my meandering experience in order to build and invest capital in impactful companies. Both as an entrepreneur as well as an early stage investor, and if you’re looking for investment, let me pitch you first and then consider if I’m the right investor for your startup and whether you want to pitch me. - I invest in deeptech and impact. - Impact is rather subjectively defined but is along the lines of climate impact. - Deeptech is broadly defined, but I rather want to invest in radical innovation than incremental. Either way, there needs to at least be some digital/tech innovation based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges. - I do very early stage investments as first investor or at least the first syndicate, and if it’s the right thing, I’ll gladly take lead. - I’m composed of many contrasting influences and felt the inequality of life firsthand, but I’ve also experienced the power of diversity, and that is a key ingredient in my own success. Needless to say, I get intrigued by diverse teams.