Fund Manager & CEO, Almi Invest Greentech

Focus on entrepreneurship, business development, and leadership. Invests in companies that transforms and creates disruptive solutions in the industrial-, transport-, mobility- and infrastructure sectors. Investments that drives the shift into sustainable business and long-term viable society. Logistic solutions based on electrified, autonomous and connected vehicles and services that increase utilization and lower ‘total cost of ownership’. Businesses that push the boundaries with digitization, data and information, business models, ownership- and financing structures and optimization of assets and resources. Ethical and sustainable investments that improve our climate, environment and society. Broad background from various industries and companies, from leadership in different senior roles. Experience and insights that bring value when it comes to identify, invest, build and develop entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and organizations – to prosper into their full potential. Areas of particular interest; #disruptive ideas #transformation of the transport- and energy industries #business models #climate, environment and sustainability # electrification # distributed and renewable energy #energy storage and smart grids #connectity and IOT #digitalization #platforms and peer-2-peer #AI and MR.