September, 2020

The kick-off event was a great success (working around Covid19 protocols) and the wave of enthusiasm during the event will carry over directly into action!

What our esteemed guests had to say:
Fredrik Ljunghill (Deputy Mayor, Lund): “I’m delighted to see the first and only cleantech community in the EU here in Lund. It’s the right thing to do to fight climate change through innovative solutions. We wish you all well!”
Anders Almgren (also Deputy Mayor, Lund):”The city of Lund has been a leading centre for innovation and businesses for many decades. Today I speak for the whole city (…) with this inauguration we will together be able to provide much better possibilities for these companies that can lead the charge into the future.”
Kerstin Jakobsson : “It’s so important to have the soft landing program. I’m really looking forward to the 100 companies that will be coming here.”
Erik Jagesten:”I’m sure that we are going to find interesting testbed projects together to help Medicon Village with our tough (environmental) goals.”
Peter Kisch (Lund City): “It is a very important piece in Lund’s innovation ecosystem. Now we have a home for cleantech companies”

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