Chief Technology Officer Business Development

Over more than 130 years in operation, Borregaard has developed into one of the world’s most advanced biorefineries. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals that can replace oil-based products. Borregaard is now actively looking for investment opportunities to leverage the biorefining this biorefining competence. In particular we are looking for companies/technologies for conversion of biobased raw materials to chemicals and materials.

Martin Lersch holds a PhD in organometallic chemistry. He has worked in Borregaard since 2006 and is currently CTO Business Development. Specialties: business development, techno economic assessments, R&D management, biorefining, bioethanol, biobased chemicals, biovanillin, lignin performance chemicals, biomass pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, pilot, demo, scale-up, literature and patent searches, technical due diligence, IP management.