We are very happy today to be ready to publicly announce the top 25 best Nordic Cleantech Startups. Below is a list of all the companies with very short descriptions of what they do. For a, still short, but longer description of the companies plus a inteviews and analyses please download the top 25 report. Enough written, here they are:


Aquiloz is developing the next generation of wind power prediction and trading information system. The Aquiloz system use computational fluid dynamics – CFD models combined with both production forecasting, risk assessment and decision support tools. The system will deploy plug-ins and adaptors in order to be integrated with the customers existing systems.

Asema Electronics

Asema Electronics manufactures consumer terminals and wireless controllers. Asema E electricity saver is a touchscreen display that offers an integrated Home Area Network gateway, home automation, per appliance power measurement, tariff driven home appliance control, and smart meter integration in one device.

Black Silicon Solar

Black Silicon Solar develops a nanotechnology process for improving silicon solar cells in a cost-efficient way. Focusing on cost reduction rather than improving efficiency Black Silicon Solar has developed an alternative texturing process that reduce production cost, production time, use of toxic chemicals and use of silicon.


Carbatt offer a solution to power electric vehicles based on a new unique nano-cell solid-state battery. The battery delivers energy densities above 30 times that of lithium batteries. This makes the electric vehicle not just competitive but superior to any combustion engine driven vehicle both in performance, range and cost.


Cell-reinforcement is a new, unique reinforcement method for concrete, asphalt and other materials. The Cell-reinforcement produced by Cellfab uses 75% less steel than traditional reinforcement. Cell-reinforcement also strengthens the structure and has better pressure- and crack distribution. The method can reduce labour costs with more than 50%.

CentriClean Systems

CentriClean Systems offers its innovative technology, PowerSwirl