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The battle for the gold and silver placement came to be between Sweden’s leading university towns, or more specifically between Disruptive Materials from Uppsala and Cyclicor from Lund. Both companies presented revolutionary solutions within material science. All three top placements was given to Swedish companies as Stockholm based Ecofective was awarded third prize.

Prizes were handed out by the Minister of IT and Energy; Anna-Karin Hatt.

First prize winner is Disruptive Materials. The company has invented a new material named UpsaliteTM, a mesoporous form of magnesium carbonate. The new material has extraordinary properties such as the best moisture adsorption capability in the world and low temperature regeneration. Upsalites unique properties will have a huge impact on energy efficiency in dehumidifiers, dishwashers, etc.

Second prize winner is Cyclicor that has developed a technology platform that makes it possible to remove all isocyanates from the production of polyurethanes and all bisphenols from the production of polycarbonates. Via a new cost competitive chemical synthesis pathway Cyclicor has the ability to produce polycarbonates for a range of consumer and industrial applications.

Winner of the third prize is Ecofective that supply an energy and cost saving solution for existing buildings. The system collects and measures data to determine the buildings thermal behaviour and then influence the existing HVAC system to deliver optimum indoor climate. The payback time for customers is within 2 heating seasons.

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Download the Swedish press release here.