The finals were held at Aalto Venture Garage in connection with the Nordic Cleantech venture event of the year, Cleantech Venture Day in Finland. More than 50 international investors and 270 participants were present at the finals. The ten very best of this years almost 100 Nordic Cleantech Open applicants presented from stage. The winners were selected with the help of audience votes.

The winner of this years Nordic Cleantech Open is the amazing metal cutting optimizer service company Tomologic, is a Stockholm based company that offers a scalable online optimization service for sheet metal cutting. The process reduces scrap from raw material in this energy intensive industry up to 50%. It was a combination of Tomologics smart technology and go-to-market strategy that swinged, which earned them the number one spot.Read an intewiev with Josefin and Magnus from Tomologic here. (in Swedish)

Magnus and Josefin from Tomologic right after the competition

Magnus Norberg Ohlsson, CEO of Tomologic presenting his case from stage at the Nordic Cleantech open final

In second place came ash handling company Ultranat a Finnish company that turns waste to value. Ultranat makes use of ashes from bio-fuel power plants and turns ash into valuable nutrition and fertilizers. The only thing left is purified silicates that can be used for technical construction and special industrial applications. After the Ultranat End-of-Waste process, waste taxes on the ash are no more applicable. Read an interview with Hans from Ultranat here (in Swedish)

Hans Weckman CEO of Ultranat presenting his case from stage at the Nordic Cleantech Open Finals

For the third place two companies were inseparable when it came to scores. We just decided we had to award them both they are Black Silicon Solar and MetGen.

Black Silicon Solar develops a nanotechnology process for improving silicon solar cells in a cost-efficient way. Focusing on cost reduction rather than improving efficiency, Black Silicon Solar has developed an alternative texturing process that reduce production cost,