It is our immense pleasure to announce the three winners of the 10th edition of the Nordic Cleantech open. For 10 years the Nordic Cleantech Open competition has served as an observation tower for the up and coming cleantech innovation trends that will support the transition to a low carbon reality. 

The Top 10 companies pitched at Cleantech Capital Day which led to the selection of the three winners. This was the final stage of the 10th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open where 139 cleantech companies from the Nordics and Baltics competed. Big congratulations to all Top 10 Companies and to UP Catalyst for winning the 1st prize, NextFuel for taking the 2nd prize and Enerpoly for winning the 3rd place!

UP Catalyst is an Estonian based startup, which produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials directly from CO2 or from waste biomass for a vast range of applications ranging from green advanced battery technologies to biomedicine. UP Catalyst’s mission is to become the first and leading European industrial scale manufacturer of sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite thus providing a strong alternative to environmentally harmful materials used today. 

NextFuel AB has developed a highly scalable new technology for converting fast growing grasses, and other types of crops, into a clean copy of coal. This new process starts by using CO2 rich energy crops like elephant grass or different forms of abundant agricultural/biomass waste, like bagasse from sugar cane, low quality wood or wood waste, as raw material. They are giving the world a clean alternative to burn. 

Enerpoly is a next-generation energy storage technology company pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. Enerpoly innovates in battery components, production methods, and designs, and employs agile research and development techniques to rapidly deliver batteries that are suitable for the grid, industrial, commercial, and residential uses. 

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