When we talk to entrepreneurs and tell them the benefits of applying to Nordic Cleantech Open we often hear that it sounds all great but they do not have the time to enter all these competitions. This is why we think it makes sense to join forces with other initiatives. This year we join forces with non-less than the WWF Climate Solver initiative. Climatesolver.org is a climate innovations portal developed by WWF. The objective is to strengthen the development and to increase the use of transformative technologies, which have a great potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy access around the globe. All Nordic Cleantech Open applicants from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway now have the opportunity to also become WWF Climate Solver entrepreneurs 2016 with the same application.

  • Yes that is correct, by applying to the Nordic Cleantech Open you also apply to WWF Climate Solvers if you are eligible!


We are very happy about this solution and think it will strengthen both initiatives and, more importantly, make things easier for the entrepreneurs.

Already last year we cooperated with Malmö Cleantech City Award and this cooperation continues. The Jury for this years Malmö Cleantech City Award includes most important real estate actors in southern Sweden and again: It is the same application!

This means that by applying to Nordic Cleantech Open you also, if eligible, apply to both these two great initiatives.

We are very proud and honoured to have set up cooperation with WWF Climate Solvers and it feels great to be able to include the panda logo in our communication from now on.