138 applicants – WOW!

The applicant’s companies of the 10th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open represent not only the very best from the Nordic and Baltic Cleantech Startup scene. They also represent a wide variety of solutions to problems using an equally wide variety of technologies. This year 138 companies have applied, coming from 7 countries and the jury is getting ready to get to them and dive into each of their cases.

The Nordic Cleantech Open is a great way to gain insight in the developments in the cleantech start up landscape of the Nordics and Baltics. We are very impressed with the lineup of the applicants and look forward to meeting the entrepreneurs.

We offer in the images some of the statistics of this batch: We got a higher number of Recycling and Waste solutions (where all prevention of waste and better use of resourced can also fit in, like Circular Economy), followed by Energy Efficiency (Digitalization, IoT and optimization) and Transportation and Logistics (that old Last Mile and new vehicles and fuels!).

With a competition focus on early stage to ready to scale startups, the majority of this batch is still validating their products and business models, which not surprisingly 76% are looking for funding (here is the hint, investors!).

But for the second year we are intrigued by one data: Impact Assessments. The competition only recruits’ companies that are working on products and services that can directly or indirectly reduce carbon emissions. Cleantech, Greentech, sustainability, you name it. And when asked, only 33 companies out of the 138 said to know their CO2 avoided emissions. This paves the way for an interesting line of work, between startups and investors, to select investments that can provide more impact. Cleantech Scandinavia Impact Assessment Unit can help you with that step! Contact Alicia Requena.

Next to this phase, the Jury will have the whole summer to evaluate the companies based on their Innovation, Team and Market and by mid-August we will announce the TOP 25 companies to continue in the Nordic Cleantech Open Experience.

To know more, visit the website or contact Laura Fostinone.