Cleantech Capital Day 2022 – Workshop German Trade and Invest (GTAI)

Cleantech Capital Day” is Cleantech Scandinavia‘s yearly flagship event, that congregates its members’ network made out of investors (VC/CVC), representatives from the industry, academia and, of course, the cleantech innovators. It will be held in Oslo on October 25-26th, together with the finals of Nordic Cleantech Open. There will be about 40 cleantech companies presenting, about 200+ participating (with high investor density) from all over Europe and US, with great networking opportunities.

Terms and Conditions – Summary

From one side: Cleantech Scandinavia, host and organizer of “Cleantech Capital Day”

From the other side: “The Participant”, as below self-proclaimed via the form.

Participant requirement(s):

1.1. The Participant will attend the pre-event workshop hosted by German Trade and Invest on October 25th, from 11.30 to 12.30. Lunch and soft-drinks will be served.

The Participant’s benefits:

2.1. One (1) x Cleantech Capital Day Regular or Innovator ticket reserved for The Participant’s representative at the event.

2.2. Unlimited 30 % Discount code for The Participant’s network, to be shared with colleagues, partners, clients & friends. These need to be in accordance with the audience state in point 2.2.1 and follow the same scope of interest.

2.2.1 Further invitations can only be considered worthy for sharing if it fits one or more of the following target group: Startups, Investors, Journalists, Corporations, Institutions, Researchers, Speakers. The person has to be involved within the field of Investments, Impact, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

      • Registration deadline 18.10.2022
      • All tickets include access to the digital platform for registration and networking
      • All tickets englobe all activities, including cocktails and dinner.

3. Binding, Cancellation, No show, Payment

3.1. This agreement is binding. By agreeing to participate in the workshop and registering for a free ticket for the Cleantech Capital Day, The Participant agrees to Cleantech Scandinavia’s terms and conditions.

3.2. Cancellation, In the case of The Participant impediment of attendance:

3.2.1 No later than 2 days before the event, the partner can nominate a colleague, and or someone relevant of the cleantech ecosystem (stated in 1.2.)

3.2.2. Inform no attendance directly Cleantech Scandinavia no later than 2 days before the event.

3.2.3. Both communications above can be sent directly to

3.3. In the occasion of “no show”, Cleantech Scandinavia reserves the right to invoice The Participant for the full amount of a Regular Ticket cost, plus potential invoice costs.

3.4. In the case that the terms and conditions are not respected, Cleantech Scandinavia will send an invoice to the details provided by The Participant. Payment is expected in 30 days.

To retrieve your all-inclusive free pass + Unlimited 30% discount for your network, fill in the data below to receive an email with the discount code and additional details. Thank you again for your participation and your trust!


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