Jury Assessment

It’s time for the Jury to meet and evaluate the applicants of the 12th Nordic Cleantech Open!

Before you start, we would like to remind you that:

  • The applicants provide information that may be with pending patent, therefore, the contents shall not be used nor shared outside of your organization.
  • We do our best to allocate to you only the companies that are within your scope of interest. However, as Nordic Cleantech Open is an Open Call, we have to guarantee that each company will have a distributed evaluation among the Jury. For this reason, you may have received cases that are not under your main area of expertise and interest, nevertheless, we count on your evaluation, support and diligence to review these cases as well and provide written feedback.
  • This is a startup competition about what is coming next, so you get to know trends and the opportunity to meet these companies first hand. We also welcome companies that are in a later stage, however most of the applicants are early-stage startups.
  • You are expected to provide grades for all the companies allocated to you regarding their Innovation, Market and Team and also a written feedback with your impressions, questions and tips as you read their cases. This is of extreme importance and value for the applicants, so we insist that you reserve some time to provide that feedback.

Your consent – 12th Nordic Cleantech Open

Your consent - 12th Nordic Cleantech Open

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Access to the companies’ cases

For you that was invited by Cleantech Scandinavia to collaborate as a Jury in the 12th Edition.

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Deadline to send back your Excel file is February 2nd

Grading criteria or “scorecard”