Professor Lars Samuelson, director of the Nanometer Structure Consortium, was inducted at an award ceremony at the Cleantech Venture Day in Malmö.

The hall of fame has three members since before, in 2009 it was given to Lassi Noponen (the Investor), in 2010 to Alf Björseth (the Entrepreneur) and in 2011 to Markku Koivistu (the Intrapreneur). Adding Lars (the Researcher) is a tribute to his achievements but also highlights the crucial importance of his and others – business-driven researchers in cleantech growth.

Lars is one of the leading researchers in nano-science in the world. He is an innovative visionary that has not only created a world-class Nano-competence centre in Lund as a research platform for new materials, but also managed to realize his visions in creating game-changing cleantech companies like Glo and Sol Voltaics.

Glo develops and commercialises nanowire light emitting diodes (LEDs) for illumination markets in Sweden and internationally. The company has been successful in attracting international venture capital and established an engineering centre in Silicon Valley, but is still connected to the research environment in Lund.

Sol Voltaics AB introduces a new type technology that can produce materials for solar cells that generates a higher efficiency with an attractive low cost for customers. Sol Voltaics will be in Malmö these days at Cleantech Venture Day to meet with international investors in search of capital to build a factory for large-scale production.

The official motivation is:For creating a world class research-based cleantech applications generator that has the eyes and ears of international finance. Lars Samuelson is an inspiration for showing how to turn research into business“.

As the previous nominees, Professor Samuelson received a piece of art from renowned Raku-artist Dan Leonette who resides in Gotland, Sweden.
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