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TOP 10: Here they are!


Lund, April 15th, 2024 – We are delighted to announce the Top 10 companies of the 12th edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open.

Over the past 12 years, the Nordic Cleantech Open competition has served as a beacon, illuminating emerging cleantech trends towards a low-carbon reality. This year’s edition received 133 applications from across the Nordics and the Baltics, each one shaping the future in its own way. 

We extend our congratulations to all 133 participants, including the Top 25, whose inspiring presentations at the Nordic Camp made a significant impact.

Held at the gorgeous Smygehus Havsbad hotel, the Nordic Camp provided a platform for these companies to pitch and present their cases to our esteemed jury panel, consisting of 70 professionals from various sectors — including industry, venture capital, public funding, and regional development. 

So far, the Nordic Cleantech Open jury has cast 7,566 votes on written applications and 367 votes on pitch presentations, providing valuable feedback to each company. A  rigorous process was followed, involving thorough reviews of all written applications and live presentations at the Nordic Camp. Ultimately, the top 10 companies were selected based on their exceptional innovation, vision, and readiness to scale. Here they are:


The journey continues as the Top 10 companies prepare to deliver their final presentations at the 12th Nordic Cleantech Open Finals & Cleantech Capital Day, on May 14-15, in Helsinki – Finland.

We extend an invitation to all to join us.

This is our flagship event and you are invited to join us in celebrating these remarkable entrepreneurs at the Cleantech Capital Day. The event will feature the competition finals, engaging discussions on topics related to climate neutrality and company presentations. 

In collaboration with Tesi, Nasdaq, Taaleri and Climate Point, and with an anticipated attendance of more than 200 participants from Europe, China, Middle East and North America, this event is a gathering of key players driving cleantech innovation forward.

And you can be a part of it.


EcoUp Oyj

EcoUp Oyj is a circular economy group. It promotes demolition waste recycling, urban mining and low-carbon construction.

FLOX Robotics

FLOX Robotics reimagines landscapes where humans and wildlife thrive together, transforming human-wildlife conflicts into coexistence.

Fusebox OÜ

Fusebox’s cutting-edge software bridges the gap between electricity consumers, producers, storage systems, and energy markets.


GREEN14 uses hydrogen plasma to enable the modular production of components for semiconductors, solar panels and electric vehicle batteries.

HEJMAS Agrifibre Technology AB

Hejmas Agrifibre Technologies AB makes the highest grade pulp from agricultural crop waste, instead of trees.

Over Easy Solar

Over Easy Solar makes the urban rooftop solar photovoltaic units, designed for buildings that are not suitable for conventional solar panels.

Re:Meat AB

Re:meat’s mission is to redefine how meat ends up on people’s plates. Same meat. New technology. 92% less climate impact.


REMOTED is an urban mobility venture that operates shared, electric, self-driving shuttles and buses.

Reselo AB

Reselo makes a substitute for rubber out of residue from the forest industry, to be used in applications within footwear, tires and automotive.

Roofit Solar Energy OÜ

Roofit.Solar specializes in solar roofs to deliver a durable energy solution for homes and heritage buildings, combining aesthetics with functionality.

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