October 14th, 13.30 CEST

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The 10 innovations have been carefully chosen by Brunnshög and connected experts in Sustainable Innovations out of a pre-selected long-list. The long-list of innovations has been nominated by the partners to this project Cleantech Scandinavia, Ideon Innovation and Win. The innovations are in the following general areas: Water, Energy, Building Materials and Smart Buildings.
The purpose of this event is first and foremost to inspire bidders to the Brunnshög Land Allocation Competition to include groundbreaking innovation into their bids. However also non-bidding actors will be welcomed to attend this “by invitation” event. In relation to the event there will be an opportunity for the attendants to schedule follow up meetings with the companies that interest them.

This event is free of charge, so grab a chair, bring your coffee mug, let’s dive into innovations, investments and special relationships being created.

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13.30 – 13.45

Introduction Brunnshög, Future by Lund & Cleantech Scandinavia (as moderators)


EVA RYDEN DALMAN, Project Manager, City of Lund

MAGNUS AGERSTRÖM, Cleantech Scandinavia

PETER KISCH, Future by Lund

13.45 – 14.40

Pitching Session 1 – Water


OLA HANSSON, Senior Advisor, Watersprint AB


Pitching Companies:

TROELS GRENE, CEO and Co-founder at Flow Loop

Flow-Loop has developed a special drain cover that enables shower panel to recover the shower water directly from the existing shower floor – with no new shower base or tray installed. The solution is easier and more affordable to install than conventional circulation system. A patent was filed on a specially developed solution that makes our system easy to retrofit in existing bathrooms – using the existing shower floor as a reservoir for circulation of shower water – instead of installing a new shower base and drain. 90% reduction of water use (compared to normal 10L/min shower). 80% reduction of energy for water heating (compared to normal 10L/min shower). Less chemicals used for cleaning / descaling shower space.

SIGURD ANDERSEN, Global direct sales and channel sales

Altered:Nozzle products will change the way you use water and energy. The super simple installation and retro-fit solutions make the change possible in a few minutes. Upgrade your regular high flow tap aerator to extreme savings with the Altered:Nozzle. Made from the highest quality lead free Eco Brass and designed to seamlessly integrate with your faucet and your life.

MIKAEL OLSSON, Board Member, Chairman of the board

Again provides a toilet wastewater treatment solution for households. The captured nutrients is a ready-to use fertiliser. Following toilet flushing blackwater and bio solids are separated and treated separately in the system. The process water leaving this system is so low in nutrients and pathogens that it can be returned to nature or used in irrigation. The solution can be applied in single family houses, apartment blocks, commercial houses; with or without municipal sewage connection. The unique additive ZeoPeat is patented (pending) in the EU and India and patented in China.

KRISTIAN HEDBERG, Head of Sales & Partnerships at Orbital Systems

Orbital Systems have developed a disruptive water recycling technology in the form of the world’s most efficient shower unit. The most amazing thing is that the system manages to save up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy used for a shower. The technology enables a comfortable and eco-friendly as well as economically smart lifestyle and do not compromise with comfort. Several patents and design registrations already filed. Water is a limited resource and the shower is the greatest water waste application in a house. Since the absolute majority of people prefer to shower in heated water around 40°C this also consumes a lot of energy. Our product can save as much as 35 000liters water and 2 000 kWh energy per person.

14.40 – 15.10

Pitching Session 2 – Energy


Pitching Companies:


Turn your world around. Cash the wind with 100% green energy. The Airturb Model One yields energy from as little as wind force 1. The Airturb can be installed on any roof. The Airturb One is supplied installation ready. The height is 1.40 metres, the weight is under 25 kg. It can be mounted in different ways. Your local Airturb dealer would be happy to advise you on suitable options. The Model One can produce 600 Watts per hour under optimal conditions. Whether it concerns a mobile telephone or an electric car, up to wind force 6, the Airturb can supply a share of your total energy needs.

PER EDSTRÖM, Entrepeneur and Serial Founder

Peafowl Solar Power has developed a ground-breaking transparent solar cell. Their technology enables the next generation of smart buildings and self-powered IoT devices. The company commercialize the world’s first direct plasmonic solar cell, with applications in self-powered dynamic windows and integrated power supply for smart sensors and IoT devices. Peafowl Solar Power is a spin-out from Ã…ngström Laboratory of Uppsala University, Sweden

15.10 – 15.20


15.20 – 16.00

Pitching Session 3 – Building Materials


PER GARVELL, Businesscoach/Projektledare at Lund Business Incubator AB


Pitching Companies:

REMI LORÉN,  Driving the future of sustainable entrepreneurship and management

Ekolution focuses on the production and development of fossil-free building technology. Our “green concrete” is an innovative bio-composite material of hemp shards (the core of the hemp plant), water and a lime as a binder. Hemp lime gives the building a climate shell with a high airtightness, very good insulating ability that is naturally vapor permeable with a great heat inertia. Ekolution’s Hemp-lime and hemp fibre bio composites can be used with our prefabricated panel system for walls, floors, and for roof insulation. Hemp lime is: energy efficient, easy to handle and build, natural and renewable, it has long life, fire resistant, root and mould resistant, excellent sound insulation, breathable, provides natural air conditioning, insect and pest resistant, yields minimal or no waste.

BART VAN DER WOERD,  Managing Director/Founder

Basilisk (or Green-Basilisk), founded in 2014, is a Dutch spin-off SME-company from the Delft University of Technology (NL). The company’s mission is to make the concrete industry, one of the most polluting industries worldwide, more sustainable. Basilisk’s lead product is the revolutionary Healing Agent, an admixture for fresh concrete, that makes concrete constructions more durable and sustainable. Its breakthrough concrete “self-healing” technology is internationally recognized as illustrated by 12 awards in the past 5 years. Basilisk is led by Mr. Bart van der Woerd (CEO), who has directed the growth of Basilisk to an 8 FTE scale-up size with pivotal customers in Europe, Middle East, and Eastern Asia

DAVID THORP,  Sales Area Manager Kebony

Kebony is natural wood made to last. It provides an impregnation method that make hardwood out of softwood providing several wood products for construction. Developed in Norway, the Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the properties of sustainable softwood. Kebony Character products are produced from FSCâ„¢- certified Pinus Sylvestris and contain knots and untreated heartwood. Kebony is a low-maintenance material that does not require any additional treatment beyond normal cleaning.

16.00 – 16.15

Pitching Session 4 – Smart Buildings


PER GARVELL, Businesscoach/Projektledare at Lund Business Incubator AB


Pitching Companies:


BrainLit‘s BioCentric Lightingâ„¢ System mimics natural daylight indoors. Personalized lighting helps balance our circadian rhythms to improve wellbeing. BrainLit is Sweden’s most innovative lighting technology company. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lightingâ„¢ system is an advanced, feedback-driven, self-learning system that creates natural light environments via a globally unique software patent. Indoor lighting is configured to mimic natural daylight using sensor-driven, LED lighting that is controlled by our software.


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