October, 2021


Lund, October 5th 2021 –  It is our immense pleasure to announce the Top 10 companies of the 10th edition of the Nordic Cleantech open. For 10 years the Nordic Cleantech Open competition has served as an observation tower for the up and coming cleantech innovation trends that will support the transition to a low carbon reality. 

The 10th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open received 139 applications from all corners of the Nordics and the Baltics, and now the Top 10 most innovative, promising and ready-to-scale companies have been selected and are now announced. This year’s race was closer than ever, and we want to not only congratulate the Top 10 companies but also acknowledge the Top 25 companies that delivered inspiring pitches at the Nordic Camp. 

Held at Smygehus Havsbad, the Nordic Camp provided the opportunity to the Top 25 companies to pitch and present their case to several members of our jury panel, which this year consisted of 52 professionals coming various backgrounds – industry, venture capital, public funding and regional development. The selection of the Top 10 companies is the result of a long selection process where companies where evaluated based on a written application at first, a preliminary evaluation which was complemented by an assessment of their performance at the Nordic Camp. In total, the Nordic Cleantech Open jury delivered 5340 votes on the written applications and 426 votes on the pitch presentations along with some valuable feedback to the companies. The networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings held at the Nordic Camp were yet another opportunity for the Top 25 companies to exchange and gain knowledge from our highly skilled jury panel and members’ network. At last, the Top 10 will deliver a final presentation at the Nordic Cleantech Open Finals & Cleantech Capital Day. 

To meet these brilliant entrepreneurs, make sure to join us for the Cleantech Capital Day, our upcoming flagship event on November 16th-17th in Malmö. This event will host the finals of the competition as well as an array of interesting topic discussions and company presentations focused on reaching climate neutrality. In partnership with TechConnect Europe and  expected participation of 400 professionals at the table, this event will bring the opportunity to reflect on the latest cleantech developments and their impact potential for reaching net zero by 2050.  

Here are the Top 10 companies and their descriptions, sorted in alphabetical order: 

Altris specialises in producing highly sustainable cathode materials for rechargeable sodium batteries. Altris was founded on the idea that in order for a truly sustainable future to be realised, safer, more environmentally friendly and affordable batteries are vital. This is why we produce the world’s first high performing positive electrode material made from completely renewable and low-cost materials.

Comptek Solutions is a forerunner in compound semiconductor surface engineering. Our breakthrough technology, KontroxTM, boosts the performance and energy efficiency of devices and makes their manufacturing process easier. It has proven to increase performance of e.g. microLED chips by 250%, which translates into an enormous reduction of power consumption. Kontrox is applicable to a wide variety of compound semiconductor applications including displays, communication technology, power electronics and RF applications to name a few.

Enerpoly is building a future where everyone has access to clean energy. With our groundbreaking zinc-ion batteries, Enerpoly will drive a transition to the electric grid of the future – one powered by resilient and renewable energy, that has the flexibility and reliability to support the growth in electric vehicles and offering empowered consumers the choice of supporting clean energy sources. Through our commitment to honest innovation, we deliver the energy storage solutions of tomorrow to everyone.

Heatweed Technologie is a green-tech/clean-tech Norwegian company developing, manufacturing and selling machines for non-chemical weed control in urban and selected agro segments. We do this by the use of hot water and patented sensor-technology. Collecting big data for use in machine learning is our driving force to document our environmental impact and to adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are a team of about 25 happy nerds who love what we do and who share a vision for global impact on sustainability in all that we do, which is also a driving force in our electrification of the machine portfolio.

Hycamite produces clean hydrogen for industrial use and solid, sustainable carbon for demanding applications such as Li-ion batteries. The unique processing method is based on thermo-catalytic decomposition of methane and biogas with sustainable catalysts.

Hyperion Robotics was founded in Helsinki in 2019 by a team of passionate academics and professionals in robotics, architecture and engineering. As experts from the construction industry, we are on a mission to bring efficiency and sustainability to the way concrete is being made. Our technology is reinforced concrete 3D printing with recycled materials. We have developed a unique robotic 3D printing system that can automatically produce reinforced concrete structures faster, cheaper and safer than traditional construction methods as well as more sustainably by up-cycling waste materials from different industrial processes.

NextFuel AB is a clean-tech startup with a new solution to climate change. We can transform fast growing grass into a clean copy of fossil fuel in less than 30 minutes. Many of our projects can even have CO2 negative carbon cycle. NextFuel can profitably replace coal, heating oil and charcoal directly in today’s energy infrastructure at very competitive prices. We are giving the world a clean alternative to burn.

NitroCapt is developing a new radical, fossil-free technology for the fixation of nitrogen from the air to make commercial nitrogen fertilizer. Air, water and electricity are the only inputs and the process has no emissions. As the production of nitrogen fertilizer today causes approx. 2.5 % of the global fossil-based greenhouse gas emissions, our process has potential to strongly contribute to a shift towards sustainable agriculture. The process can be powered by intermittent renewable electricity even without an electric grid and is financially attractive already on a small scale. The development is carried out in collaboration with top researchers at four European universities.

We believe that there is no sustainability without traceability. That is why we are on a mission – to bring transparency to producers who really want to know what they sell, and for consumers who really care what they buy.

UP Catalyst is an Estonian based startup, which produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials directly from CO2 or from waste biomass for a vast range of applications ranging from green advanced battery technologies to biomedicine. UP Catalyst’s mission is to become the first and leading European industrial scale manufacturer of sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite thus providing a strong alternative to environmentally harmful materials used today.

Innovations coming to support the transition to a low carbon reality

Press release - TOP 10 companies of the 10th Nordic Cleantech Open


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