New podcast: Innovations with Impact. Bintel

How can data help us manage our waste more efficiently and help us reduce emissions? The first episode on the Innovations with Impact from Impact Cafe will answer this questions thanks to Michael Wictor, CEO of Bintel, a new solution that aims to increase recycling rate and household waste reduction. Click and listen!


By Aziliz Le Rouzo | March 22nd, 2022

2021 sees remarkable growth in cleantech investments.

With a total of 6.46 Billion € invested in Nordic and Baltic cleantech startups, this year marks a transformation for the cleantech ecosystem. This trend is in line with a booming European venture landscape as […]


By Aziliz Le Rouzo | March 8th, 2022 In the midst of a global climate crisis, where and to whom capital is allocated is key in determining whether we can reach our climate goals. The lack of female representation – at the level of investors, venture capital funds, and companies – constitutes a […]

Impact Cafe Podcast with Vida Rozite

Our new Impact Cafe episode is an in-depth conversation about innovation, digital technologies, energy efficiency and climate change with Vida Rozite, Energy Policy Analyst at International Energy Agency. The path to Net Zero will have to include new technologies to advance, not only in energy generation but also efficiency at all scales: individual, building, city and country. However, the deployment […]

Impact Cafe Podcast with David Miller

Our new Impact Cafe episode is an in-depth conversation with David Miller, co-founder and managing director of the Climate Impact investment group Clean Energy Ventures. In this episode, we will be discussing about strategies towards a sustainable future and the importance of data. Clean Energy Ventures has opened to the public their tool SERC to assist the entrepreneurs that apply […]

Impact Cafe Podcast with Jessica Robinson

Our fifth Impact Cafe episode is an in-depth conversation with sustainable and impact investment expert and author Jessica Robinson. In this episode, we will be discussing impact measurements and greenwashing, the importance of the retail investor and finntech, and last, but not least, how women as investors have a great potential to move the needle of sustainability.

Do not miss out […]

Impact Cafe Podcast with Niclas Holmberg

Our fourth Impact Cafe episode helps us understand the ins-and-outs of Nasdaq, and its work in innovation and sustainability. We will be dealing with green and sustainability bonds, equality and the new Nasdaq Green Equity. This is quite a movement forward and we are sure that you will find it entertaining and enlightening.


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